Carpets Going Green

Q: Have you heard of corn sugar carpets and where can I find them?

A: Corn sugar carpets are popping up at several carpet mills offering a more organic option to carpets composed of man made materials. At a clients request to have an extremely durable carpet that would be clean and safe for her baby to crawl on I found some nice options at with their Smartstrand product.  The corn kernels are converted into cornstarch, materials are added and then converted into corn polymer. The result is a carpet fiber that has superior wear resistance and permanent built in stain and soil protection. It does cost slightly more but most manufacturers offered lifetime warranties on similar products containing corn sugar.

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  • Francine

    Never heard of corn sugar carpets. I plan to look into this type of carpeting.

  • Tara

    I try to buy all green. This is an amazing product.