Sliding Door Options

Q: Do you have any suggestions for window treatments to cover a sliding glass door?

A: I really like panel track which is shown here because it is sleek, simple and can be used with several different styles. When done in woven woods they add a nice organic element and texture to the room. Several of my clients that are covering sliding doors wish they could be replaced with French doors so the panel track gives the doors a fresh look.

Another option I suggest are fabric panels on a traverse rod so they open with ease.  I suggest lighter fabrics for these treatments so they blend in with the environment or to make them a design detail in a colorful fabric, Montgomery Co. is a great source in the UK for made to measure. Shutters are also an option just because I loveeee shutters, Smith & Noble in the US has some nice options. They can be specially designed to open just like a sliding door so they don’t protrude into the room.

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  • Door Adelaide

    Some use blinds to cover sliding doors but using curtains is more convenient for me. Sliding doors brings outdoors in but I guess it is not applicable during night time where you need to have your own privacy. Using curtains will provide you privacy specially that it is made up of glass and one side faces the outdoors.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Thanks for sharing & so nice to meet you. I also specify curtains for sliding doors but have found with allergies these days so many of my clients want blinds or panel track. Visit again soon Door Adelaide.

  • Interior door system

    While sliding doors are
    convenient way to let light in but sometimes you need to cover these also,
    especially during nighttime. Options explained in the blog seem quite
    functional and cost effective too. I am thinking of trying out the panel track
    as shown in the picture.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I love the function and look of panel track. After designing for twenty plus years I have found that there are not many options for sliding doors so I was excited to find these.

  • Eleda

    These are great. We have seven (yes SEVEN!) sliding glass doors in our house; one even goes to the garage…
    Any advice is welcome! :)