Making It Yours/Home Office


Q. I have paneling in my home office and hate it. Any ideas how to cover it or make it look better? Jacqueline

A: There are three options; take it down, paint it or cover it so let’s explore each. If you take it down there is a possibility that the walls behind maybe be salvageable, this was the case in my family room and I was able to spackle, prime and paint. Depending on how the paneling was installed the sheetrock behind may need to be replaced which then becomes the most costly option.  You may want to remove a small section of paneling to determine if this is an option.


The second option is to paint the paneling, I would recommend special primer for wood and then 2/3 coats of paint. If painted white the feel becomes cottage or shabby chic if painted black or an espresso you can achieve a vintage modern feel depending on your furniture selections.

The last option which the photo features is covering the paneling with wallpaper (also fairly costly if you hire someone). eHow has excellent advice on how to do this, if want to DIY. I love this option because it has the most dramatic effect but you need to make it yours and go with the option that suits your style and budget. Has anyone tackled this DIY project before and can tell us about it?


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  • Nikole

    Ive use drywall compound to fill in the grooves in panneling, then textured over it with drywall compound and a paint roller. The end result looked just like a sheetrock wall without having to remove the panneling or buy new sheetrock.