A Kid’s Castle

Q. I am purchasing furniture for my six year old, what do they need keeping the future in mind?

A. Having three children at different stages and designing dozens of children’s bedrooms I have learned to minimize the furniture, maximize the storage and leave enough floor space open to play. If there is not a lot of square footage in the room loft beds like this are a great option (this one is from PB Kids). Two of my kids have loft beds and they love how functional they are.

My first goal when designing a kids room is to address the closet design getting as much as I can in the closet. Typically one small dresser in the room is enough with a closet like this and some of my clients even op for no dresser especially with boy’s rooms. Once you discover how much you can fit in the closet, select the bed and decide if you need a dresser and a desk. The question that is always up for debate when designing kids rooms is to desk or not to desk. Most of my clients do not put desks in their kids rooms and create alternate study spaces or workstations in other rooms. In my house my kids love having desks in their rooms but honestly they rarely use them. The area kids use the most is their play or lounge space. For lounge areas I love the cushy sectional from PB Teen (a client of mine recently found a lower price version of it at Wallmart on line) and my daughter is crazy for her Lovesac bean bag. Happy designing!

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