Mixing Up Surfaces

Q. Can I use different granite on my island than on the rest of my counter tops?

A. This is your dream kitchen you can do whatever you love. Personally I like mixing things up either with a different surface or a different paint finish on the island. I find the challenge arises when choosing two granite’s verses two different materials. For example if I was using granite on the main counter-tops I might suggest a wood top on the island or soap stone. In this photo marble was selected for the island and creates an effective contrast to the honed black granite but is still in balance with the design.When you are selecting granite for both then I would suggest the island becomes the Wow factor. Meaning the island granite feels like a piece of art, interesting in movement and composition with the general counter-tops in a contrasting hue found in the island. The island could also be a variety of materials ranging from wood to soap stone, think out of the box!

Share with us what surfaces you feel in love with when designing your dream kitchen.

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  • kcw

    Soap stone it is soooo cool!!

  • http://adoreyourplace.com/ Cathy from Adore Your Place

    Yes it is, sleek and chic. I have used it in modern kitchens and cottage kitchens. Always works!