Quick Fix: HomeGoods

Lets be honest, when it comes to accessorizing our homes this typically happens when we have nothing left in our budget and our patience is wearing thin. One of my solutions to this problem is to take a run to HomeGoods, they have an ever-changing selection of intriguing accessories and furniture. I go to find those pieces that can complete my design or even to inspire a renovation. The HomeGo0ds blog is also a great place to find tips about the latest store finds and design topics. Check out this article on accessorizing your coffee table HERE.



I spotted this fabulous white lattice vase, snapped a picture, turned around and it was gone. My shopping tip for the day is to get it in the cart, then take stock before you purchase. You can always change your mind, just look at the fabulous piece I missed! Inspired by our love for the Olympics I picked up this adorable London ottoman as a memory for the kids rec room. The other pieces were for client projects and so fun.




I will catalog my finds for you so you can preview whats hot that week. Check Back again but here were my picks for the day. Whether you are designing on a dime or the sky is the limit you can find that perfect piece in a hurry. By the way, I am always in a hurry so this place is my go to, quick fix.


  • lad1227

    so true about home goods! I always find myself running there for a piece to udate a room.

  • lad1227

    it is nice to know as a designer you use them too :)

  • laineyd

    Whenever I need a change in a room I go to home goods. Always find something fun there and you can’t beat the price..

  • Kate

    Love Home Goods..great place to shop for college/dorm items too. Love this Blog, it’s full of interesting articles and it has such diversity.

  • Samantha

    I love the white lattice vase. I have recently seen similar styles at West Elm and Target too. It must be the “it” trend!

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