Banquette Envy

Q: I love the idea of banquette seating but is it practical or just stylish?

A: This is an example of how practical and stylish banquette seating can be. Chairs would appear clunky and have to be extremely small in scale to fit the same amount of people that a banquette can hold. It also provides you with the option to stretch out and relax if its just one or two at the table. I have found that most of my clients ranging from modern to traditional taste all welcome the idea of banquette seating. Here is some additional inspiration to get your design started.

A bench on the opposite side on the banquette allows the lighting and table to complement the banquette perfectly. There is also storage below the built ins for added functionality. I just love this dining area!


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  • mb

    The Q and A is a great format, maybe could you share how to make those plates! they are so cool

    • Cathy

      These plates were purchased but a fun way to make them would be with stencils and paint selecting a radiant color.

  • Katherines Corner

    I like it to. If I had a sunroom I wood have banquett seating, perfect for our five grandchildren. Lovely inspirations. Hugs

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Katherine first there is no way you are a grandmother, you look fabulous and second yes you definitely need a banquette with all those little sweeties. Thanks for visiting today!

      • Online Fabric Store

        I was thinking the same thing!

  • Online Fabric Store

    Love these. Banquette seating is so welcoming, comfortable and it connects everyone around the table to each other just a little bit more…

    • Cathy Wolfram

      I agree so inviting and easy :)

  • Alex

    All incredible looking for sure! About how much would you estimate the cost of building seating like in the third example?
    Thank you.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Alex I would say about $400 labor plus materials approx. $600. I love the look as well Alex :)