Restoring The Faith: Restoration Hardware Re-Invented

Yesterday I received the massive Restoration Hardware catalog in the mail. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but WOW a huge style change has taken place!  For years I have specified their furniture for my clients;  having a similar feel to styles at Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel it appealed to a wide market. Today, I am having difficulty getting any of my clients to see past the moody color schemes and monster size pieces of furniture. As a designer it is a very different story, the new line is pure eye candy. While school shopping at the mall the other day with my daughter, my heart actually skipped a beat when we walked by RH. I just stopped and staring into the windows, with that glazed look in my eye, like a kid looking into a candy store.

So what happened? Gary Friedman, co-CEO at RH, made a bold decision when profits were falling drastically due to the recession that it was time to re-invent RH. He decided to reach back to the core of his personal mission, to create a collection that he absolutely loved and the concept that business’ should take risks and LEAD the customer, rather than the other way around. The result is the most drastic style change I have ever seen a company make and I love it. Selling it, is another story but for me the love is absolutely there.  The lighting collection is spectacular and although only a select few of my clients connect with the style change of RH, everyone is going crazy for the lighting. Gary Friedman’s direction to raise the quality and prices rather than drop them based on the economic crunch, while infusing his personal style into every piece selected, is starting to pay off. Rising profits and a drastic re-branding seem to fit like a glove. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces…

Pretty fabulous, isn’t it? For more perspective on Restoration Hardware’s re-invention read here. In closing I want to share this quote from CEO, Gary Friedman. ‘Let’s make this really personal and do what we love. And if we go down, we go down in style’.

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  • William T.

    You can always find something different in this store. I think the new catalog has some very interesting pieces..

  • Jane

    Their tables are so strong looking and mixed with stylish chairs they really make a statement.