Crafty Home Office Makeover

Q. I want to create my dream craft room but I work from home and need a home office space as well. I only have one spare room, is it possible to have both a craft room and a home office in one space without it looking like a dis-organized mess?  

A. I found this room makeover and had to share it with you because it is the perfect example of how you can blend a craft room and a functional office in the same space. The before picture shows a make-shift office that is functional but not pretty, lacking storage for craft and office supplies. Switching out the carpet to wood flooring had a huge impact on the space. Leaving the “spare bedroom” feeling behind and on to the business of crafting and work. The soft avocado walls create a soothing backdrop for the multi-purpose space. The larger table desk houses the sewing machine and provides an open work space. The return (side table desk) is the designated office area. Notice how meticulously the lighting was addressed. Achieving the appropriate light level in a home office/craft space is crucial for work productivity and crafting details.

A combination of recessed lights, a flush mount fixture and fun drum pendent lights were used to create the perfect balance of light. A closet system along the back wall provides a ton of storage with modern lines and a feminine touch, with fabric panels.

A little softness is added to the space with simple curtain panels pulled back. Pops of orange here and there with vibrant blue in the area rug completes the look. A fabulous crafty home office is achieved!

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  • StacyB

    Can you provide a sense of how much this makeover cost?

  • Cathy Wolfram

    A close estimate is $2700.00 if you did the painting.

  • Cathy Wolfram

    So glad that you are enjoying the blog and like this post. Visit again soon!

  • Ingrid from Vintage Victoria

    I want this, it seems like it was designed for me.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      It is super functional and a nice general color scheme, very appealing.