Armoire Up-Cycle

For about a year now several of my clients have been asking me the same question, “do you know anyone who would want my old TV armoire?” In the beginning I found homes for a few, donated others and most recently I began to up-cycle them (a fun term for re-purposing). Let’s take a look at some options. This fabulous potting center began as a kitchen armoire. With some shelf re-configuration, door removal, peg board installation and paint the entire piece has been transformed.

If you have the space, bathrooms make wonderful homes for old armoires. Above, doors received glass inserts, a fresh coat of paint, new hardware and viola. Much needed bathroom storage!

Mini bar and wine storage, brilliance. Above, the top set of doors was completely removed, open space was re-configured,  blue paint applied, a glass holder added and crown molding installed at the top. Functional and Fun.

This fabulous office was designed from Dwell Thrift Store finds in Dallas. The armoire received wallpaper inlaid on the doors and white paint. Storage in a home office is always a welcomed addition.

Above and below are examples of fun and functional girly storage. I love the teal painted interior and chalk board decals. Below a wash was applied for a vintage chic finish. Mirrors were hung, a peg board applied on the back wall and shoe boxes make this a well organized style center!

Bright paint  and whimsical wallpaper is applied to the doors of this craft/office center. Fun, red storage boxes add to the charm. Below, the doors were taken off the bottom of the armoire, hooks and sliding baskets were added to create a functional mini mud room.

Show your pet the love with this full service pet center.Everything in one place, love it. Below, its scrapbook central;  fresh paint, a glass panel and interior details were added. To sum it up, look around to determine where you could use some storage or organization. Then, make it happen with your old armoire or one from a thrift store. There are plenty of old armoires around waiting for an Up-Cycle!

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  • Tania Beattie

    Love all these idea’s! Especially the one with the chalk board decals. I may do this for my daughters room.

    Glad I found your blog:)

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Tania thanks for stopping by! That is my favorite one as well. Be sure to subscribe for contest & news!

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Hi Tania, so glad you stopped by. That is my favorite as well, I love the aqua interior and chalk board decals. Come visit again!

  • Nanner

    These are all genius! I like the mini bar idea especially.

  • Ellen

    I wish I read this article before clean-up week. I tossed out a perfectly good TV cabinet that I could have re-done with all these wonderful tips. I’ll continue to read this Blog first and toss

  • Nikole

    The girlie storage with chalkboard decals is so adorable. Anyone know where I could get these decals?

  • Susan

    What a great pet center! My dogs thing are spread all around the house, this would be great!