Get Your Scarf On:Fall Feature

One of my absolute favorite things about the fall is wearing scarves. Lets be honest, don’t we all feel just a tad Parisian and chic when we put one on. The scarf is the must have accessory; a pair of fabulous jeans, a simple T and voila, you are now fabulous! A luxurious hand knit infinity scarf in a bold orange, the perfect Wow factor. Check out Raverly, for the most fabulous patterns and yarns. If you are not a knitter you can always purchase this Paula Bianco mixed weave infinity scarf in olive or stop by Esty for a lower price alternative. Either way, when you put that scarf on, you will instantly become chic and stylish.


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  • Lanya Trypupenko

    I am a such a scarf girl…can’t seem to stop buying them!

    • Cathy Wolfram

      I actually just bought the one I linked from the Esty shop on the post, I can’t wait to wear it!