Halloween Pillows DIY Style

In my house we are crazy for Halloween! Decorations, parties, designing costumes and enjoying the candy. We began the ritual of unloading the decorations from the eight boxes labeled Halloween (thats nothin, at Christmas we have 28 boxes) and I realized, after years of use I needed to freshen up the collection a bit. All of our ghosts and ghouls were looking dapper but the more decorative things that I enjoy were feeling dated. I began my search for decorations to adore and found these fabulous DIY pillows at Chapman Place. If you are not a DIY fan, don’t fear, this story has a surprise ending you won’t want to miss! Now on to making the pillows.


Step 1- Pick a font and cut out a pattern using a Cricut. This font is called Greer. You can get it HERE. I am in love with this font!


Step 2- Purchase a drop cloth, this one is from Walmart and sells for around $10. Out of the drop cloth cut six 15″x15″ squares. Also purchase Krylon Glitter Blast. Step 3- Spray the back of the pattern with adhesive, and center it on the square. Press it down and make sure it sticks. Tape the edges that were showing so the glitter will not get everywhere.

Step 4- After you have everything in its place, SPRAY!! Be sure to stay 12 inches away and cover the area well. Then, carefully take the pattern off and let dry for 20 minutes. Step 5- On the can they suggest waiting 24 hrs to dry but it may take less time. When dry, sew the back of the pillow on leaving a hole to insert the stuffing. Step 6- Stuff the pillow and sew the hole up. Now get ready, here comes the surprise ending. If you don’t have time to create these fabulous pillows or DIY is not your thing, then you can purchase them at their Esty Shop, you can even purchase the trick or treat template. The Thanksgiving and Christmas versions are just as fabulous, I just ordered mine!

  • Jessica

    Thanks again for featuring my pillows! And thank you for your order in my Etsy shop!

    Chapman Place

    • http://adoreyourplace.com/ Cathy Wolfram

      Hi Jessica, I can’t wait to get them and love your designs! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kathy

    I’m not a DIY person but I’m going to give this one a try.

    • http://adoreyourplace.com/ Cathy Wolfram

      If you have any issues making the stencil, they do sell it also.