Get Ready To Play

Q. Can you post pics of playroom ideas for a bright basement space for kids currently ages 3-7?  I love decor that isn’t too cutesy but is whimsical and functional.

A. Absolutely, I have designed hundreds of playrooms and a few day care centers and would love to share some ideas. I like to begin by deciding how each area of the space will function; craft area, dress up, ride on vehicles, inside structures, flat screen, gaming station, the list can go on and on. Create a quick bubble diagram; on a piece of paper draw the shape of the room (not to scale this is a conceptual exercise), then draw a few simple circles where the designated areas will be and label them. Look at this for a few days determining if you feel this is the best use of the space. Function is key in space-planning a playroom. Next, decide if there will be any built in structures and what they will be. Now, on to the fun stuff; talk to your kids about a theme or colors they enjoy being around. I love painting the back of storage shelves, accent walls, stripes or even murals as shown here. Wall decals are also a great way to go and they look like they are actually painted on the wall. Check out Dezign With a Z  for some options or Google search, there are so many available and typically do not damage the walls when removed.  This makes it easy to change your look as the kids grow.

I am crazy for tree houses and this basement playroom actually has one! Peek inside, there is even natural light and a sliding wood window covering. This design leaves ample space below for imaginative play, crafts and open areas.

Above, a rubber floor with hop-scotch detail provides a fun texture for play and movement. A sliding metal door divides the play area from the work-out room. My door would need to lock with my three year old, he would be all over the equipment. Nice use of neutral gender colors in soft blue and chartreuse with a pop of orange. Check out the fun storage boxes attached to the wall, they provide good depth for various types of toys. My only change would be the pink table, I would love to see that in teal.

I love simple modern spaces for kids to play. It allows their creativity to come alive when distractions are not pulling them in different directions. Although simple, this playroom has a fabulous black board wall, work-surfaces for crafts or homework with abundant storage to house all of their games, toys and supplies.

The use of red makes this space just feel fun and whimsical. Youth scale furniture in the seating area, storage, craft table, two computer stations and a central flat screen make the perfect playroom oasis. I prefer more open spaces to play and run around but as my kids grew older this was more of what they were looking for. 

Above, I wanted to show how a small space can make a great playroom as well. This playroom on the left is action-packed and ready to play. On the right, for the theatrical crew, a stage is always a fun addition. Mist green walls and pops of red create the perfect back-drop while storage is addressed effectively.

I wanted to end with a playroom that demonstrates my concept for space-planning your playroom. You can easily see where the bubbles are;, dress up hanging on a bar and is nicely organized, a central train table and at the far end a craft station and storage for supplies. A combination of white walls with sunny yellow  keeps the feeling light and bright. While this room is functional and looks very nice I have to end with a Wow Factor, that’s just me. I love the styling of this room, from the fabulous floors and storage, to the modern chic table and chairs with metallic poufs, winner!

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  • Kali

    Thanks for the playroom pics! We need to think about our bubbles but a stage of some kind was definitely on the table. I also love the poufs as well as the curtain-as-room-divider in the final pic.

  • Cathy Wolfram

    I love the stage idea! Having three kids I found everyone loved having a place to perform LOL. Send me pics when your done, I would love to see it!

  • Sharon L

    Love the ideas, especially the stage. If you include a microphone on a stand, you will have hours of entertainment. When my kids were small, I brought a Little Tikes fort/slide indoors too. The kids LOVED that in the winter.

  • Janet

    I like the concept of areas specifically for dress up or art. Really nice designs.

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    The idea of different zones in a playroom is my favorite way to design them Leeann. It gives the kids options and sparks creativity.

  • kcw

    Wow I wish I had more space to have a room like this.

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    You may be able to use some of these ideas in a children’s bedroom or small room. Send pics I can give you some ideas.