Pumpkin Possibilities

This weekend we are enjoying the many wonderful experiences characteristic of the season. Decorating for Halloween, a town football game, pumpkin picking, and a Saturday night bon-fire. These experiences, the crisp cool air and spending time near all of these beautiful pumpkins, got me thinking about all of the possibilities for incorporating pumpkins into design and all of the wonderful recipes that my family loves. Let’s start out with a delectable sweet spiced pumpkin soup. I have made a version this soup for years and recently found this one which seemed slightly better. It was love at first taste and I never looked back for my old recipe LOL.


What a festive and fun idea! Take a large pumpkin, clean out the interior, cut the top leaving a nice size opening for a bowl effect and presto, Pumpkin Punch Bowl! Fill with fresh apple cider, add natural spices and apple slices. I love the apples at the base, mason jar serving cups and cinnamon garnish, just perfect.





When I was growing up, I would wait for It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, to air on TV each year.  A real autumn classic and worth checking out if you haven’t had the pleasure. This vintage poster will add some pumpkin whimsy to any interior.



When you like the color orange as much as I do, it’s easy to fall in love with pumpkins. Above, a fabulous wooden frame houses a chalk board that can change with the seasons, so cool. A mini pumpkin serves as a playful place card holder with whimsical bat wings. This year, I found that some of my potted plants from summer were still looking healthy. The simple addition of a pumpkin can instantly change the feel of a planter from summer to fall. A pumpkin ice bucket, love it. Core out the pumpkin, slice the top off, cut a decorative edge, insert a clear plastic bowl and wrap some raffia around, viola!

Now, on to some of our favorite pumpkin baked goods. Scrumptious, pumpkin molasses cookies are the perfect snack for a fall afternoon. Next, my families absolute favorite, classic pumpkin bread. My three kids from ages 2-15 all are crazy for it and this recipe is one of the best I have found. On to,  pecan pumpkin pie. I like baking a version of pumpkin pie with pecans mainly because by the time Thanksgiving rolls around we are all in need of a little twist to our standard pumpkin recipes. Happy baking! I wanted to end this post with my personal favorite thing to do with a pumpkin, carve and light it! I love the soft cast of light they throw when perched on my front stairs welcoming trick or treaters on Halloween. Happy Sunday, make it a good one.

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  • alexandra’s kitchen

    What a wonderful roundup of recipes and decor here. Very inspiring!

    • http://adoreyourplace.com/ Cathy Wolfram

      Thank you for your fabulous pumpkin bread recipe Alexandra! My entire house really enjoyed it and I was thrilled to share it today. Visit us again soon.

  • Kate

    Great ideas and recipes.

    • http://adoreyourplace.com/ Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I love this season and I am crazy for the decor & recipes that surround it!