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In case you didn’t notice we have an exciting category called Just Ask. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to answer your design questions and dilemmas, doing so once a week. This idea of helping as many people as I can with interior design was one of the main reasons I created the blog; to share my years of experience and lessons collected as a professional designer making good design available to anyone who is interested. I answer all questions sent and post one or two questions and answers to share with readers. So often we all experience similar design challenges, previously asked questions are also posted on the Just Ask home page for your reference.

Q. You write a lot about starting a room design with a wow factor and I think I am finally catching on but I have a question about it. I love the wow factor in any room and want most things to be a wow factor when I design a room. Is this possible that many things are focal points and how can I make them all work together without looking like it is overdone? Karin T.

A. Karin, I’m so glad you asked this question because you are taking the Wow Factor concept to a new level. I have had clients that need several focal points in a room to feel happy and it is totally acceptable. Throw out the hypothetical design rule book and create a space that makes you feel good when you’re in it. As your designer today my job is to make all of the focal points/wow factors work together and not fight each other visually. I begin with the floor plan; where the furniture will be placed and if any of the pieces will be focal points.  Then jump right into color scheme development. In the case of wanting several wow factors in one space a monochromatic color scheme is always a good choice. This allows the wow factor pieces to do their job of looking fabulous without the color scheme fighting their efforts. This living room is the perfect example of how a soothing palette allows the wow factors to exist harmoniously and shine. If you feel happy looking at this space and love the design choices than the goal is achieved but where are all those wow factors? There are several in this living room and work so well together that they create a well balanced look. Lets start with the grand mirror and the fabulous wall-covering on an accent wall behind it. Then onto the whimsical light fixture and pop of aqua. The elements around these wow factors include patterned side panels on the windows, a scrumptious silk area rug and simple furnishings in white. A lot of wow factors, all complementing each other.

Above, I wanted to show you a second example to make sure I answered your question fully. In this chic dining room the same concept applies; a color scheme consisting of hues of white and a pale turquoise surrounded by some major focal points; an abstract painting, a fabulous light fixture in a grand scale and a beautiful drift-wood and glass table. All wow factors and all working together. To sum it up; Several wow factors + a monochromatic palette= a harmonious environment. I hope this helps Karin and would love to see the end result.



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  • Carol

    Featuring “Jusk Ask” in your blog is awesome.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Thanks Carol, stop in again soon.

  • Joan D.

    Like the idea that I can use multiple Wow Factors together. Thanks for the advice on the color scheme for the walls.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Anytime Joan.

  • Cindy

    Love that driftwood table.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      I really like using driftwood at the beach Cindy feels just right.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      It is so cool and creates such nice texture in the room.

  • Claire

    I think this first room is my favorite room on your blog, I LOVE everything about it.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Wow that says allot. It could be your inspiration room next time you are re-decorating.