Our Favorite Halloween Traditions

Throwing parties is so much fun and I have been hosting festive Halloween parties for the last fourteen years for my kids. I include them in every decision when it comes to planning and creating their party. We have constructed haunted houses from refrigerator boxes, made Lego pumpkins, went on scavenger hunts, wrapped friends up with toilet paper for mummy contests and painted wooden haunted houses, just to mention a few of their favorites. The end result is always a party that reflects their style and memories that they will cherish and hopefully pass down to their children. In addition to their parties I open our house up to family and friends on Halloween after Trick or Treating. This celebration consists of a cauldron of my famous chili, yummy corn bread and of course endless sweets. Here is some inspiration to spark some Halloween traditions for your family and to get you rolling planning a celebration of ghostly proportions and delectable delights.


I love making candy a focal point for decorating on Halloween. In varied size glass decanters and urns with sweet treat descriptive labels, who can resist. A simple outside table of treats sets the mood for All Hallows’ Eve, check out those chocolate covered tombstones. One of our favorite houses to visit when Trick Or Treating has a tradition of hosting an outdoor party where all Trick Or Treaters and parents are welcome. They serve hot dogs, provide festive drinks for kids (and parents!) and share some warm hospitality. Thank you Procaccini Family, you rock Halloween!












Your festive table can set the stage for welcomed guests. The simple addition of a wall mural is a fun way to get some instant Halloween Wow wouldn’t you say? I believe the details at any party make all the difference. Below, fun tags on straws and traditional Trick Or Treat bags add to the fun.

Every year we have a tradition where I let my kids pick a special treat for their Halloween Party. After searching through a bunch of recipes and images here are their picks; a fabulous bat cake for my little man, swirl sugar cookies for my daughter and sweet candy corn cupcakes for my oldest son. 


If weather permits it is always a fun option to host an outside party. There is something eerily fun about being outside on Halloween especially if you are lucky enough to have a path and woods on your property like this one, LOL. Wooden silhouettes, a bon-fire and a fog machine add to the festive atmosphere. I would love to hear about some of your favorite Halloween traditions!




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  • Paula Jones

    WOW! awesome post and great inspiration! I’m throwing a Halloween party for my boys this weekend, great tips to use!

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Paula I’m so glad you liked the post & have a great party! Halloween is so much fun.

  • http://twitter.com/homesbutterfly Vanessa

    You are a cool mom! What fun and just enjoy looking around your lovely blog. I am a new follower. Have an amazing week.

  • Cassie L.

    I love Halloween too. Looks like we’re in good company…Princess Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton was featured in Parade “Pippa’s Halloween Party”. Her Doughnut Tree game looks like fun, you might want to check it out.