Closet Couture

I have designed hundreds of closets for my clients and I have to say there is a certain thrill in helping someone realize their Dream Closet! We all feel better about ourselves when we are well dressed and well organized.

Having a luxury closet or a closet that is organized fulfills that need as well as providing a happy space to decide what to wear that day. Imagine starting off you day in this closet, personally I would be very happy. The trend in bedroom design is less furniture pieces that house clothes (dressers and armories) and more seating areas. In smaller homes or city apartments some bedrooms even double as home offices so maximizing floor space is essential. Utilizing every inch of space in your closet is the way to go in a large or small place!

So where do we begin; with you purging and donating. Yes, getting organized is a huge part of the process, I can design a beautiful space but we need to fit everything you own in it as well as space for future growth. So many of us need to part with items in our closets that are dated (and not classic Channel LOL) or are several sizes too small. I’m sure you have heard the saying, if you haven’t worn it in a year get rid of it! Here are some articles to get you started; Avoid the Cluttered Closet Trap from The Organized Life and step by step tips on purging; Tips On Getting Rid of Your Clothes, from The Organized Junkie.



As you’re purging I begin designing. Let’s start with the floor plan. Things to consider include; double hanging, full length hanging (dresses & coats), open shelving (sweaters & folded items), drawers, cubbies, shoes, jewelry, an island,  an ironing board and valet rods. If the space is wide open begin with a focal point and decide which side is yours unless your lucky enough to have the entire space. Then envision yourself standing in your beautiful closet; what makes sense to you and what do you need access to everyday verses occasionally. The plan begins to take on a life of its own.


I am crazy for islands in closets. Its so nice to have the option to turn and have a surface available to layout clothing options or place accessories on. In addition the island provides a great amount of drawer storage. Recently I had a client that made her island shoe cubbies on all four sides, you have options. If your closet needs to function as a home office as well the island can function as a desk.




As you are looking at these luxurious closets notice how the lighting adds to the drama. Drum lights or crystal chandeliers over an island or centered in the space with a combination of recessed task lighting creates the perfect light level for function and beauty.




The idea of the home office in the closet may seem odd but may also be a necessity. When designed properly both functions can exist harmoniously and the desk surface can function as a vanity area for makeup and hair as well, love that. I typically put the desk up against a wall as a focal point and build the design around it or in a nook if there is one. I am in the love with the handbag idea on the right side, definitely will be doing this. Both of these examples below incorporate wallpaper which is  a favorite thing of mine to do in a closet. Why not glam it up a bit. Also the mirrored desk looks like it belongs in the closet and disguises the desk function even further.

Not many closets have the square footage for aisle ways but it is so much fun when they do! I would add a shag area rug but that’s just me hehehe. Now on to those fabulous treasures called shoes. What woman wouldn’t love a wall of shoes? This design below creates a grandiose feel with beautiful moldings, details and open shelving so the shoes can be configured how ever you see fit. A fabulous pink crystal chandelier and vintage chair covered in silk with sweet little puppy complete the look.



Above, a simple design detail of painting the wall pink and glass shelving make all the difference. Now for the rest of us with human size closets. Even small narrow closets can be made super functional when designed properly. Below, if you are on a budget it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function or aesthetics. Removing the doors gives you better access to the interior while the color scheme of black, white and yellow is all glam.



Utilizing the door is key with small closets and shoes are perfect for it. I typically slice the interior in half as this image demonstrates with double hanging on one side and shelving on the opposite side. Ok, I don’t know about you but I would like to go back to the fantasy closet world now before we say goodbye. Here are some final beauties to inspire you and remember that spare bedroom is just itching to become the closet of your dreams, you didn’t really want all those house guests, did you LOL?


Simple built-in shelving is complemented with an over sized mirror and a pretty aqua chandelier. Below, total Closet Couture Bliss!

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