Batik Fabric Fantasy: Katherine Rally Textiles

One of the best parts about my job as a professional designer is that I get to shop for my clients everyday. Before I had my kids I taught Interior Design at the college level for a brief period and would joke with students that you have to love shopping to be successful at this career but it is actually true. You need to be able to seek out and find that latest trend or discover that tried and true classic piece of furniture that suits your clients needs perfectly. This means constant research and constant shopping, love it! Today I am sharing a fabulous find that I stumbled upon working on a recent project where I needed to specify fabric for pillows that would pull the entire room together. This fabric had to be unique in material, design and origin because it would not only complete the design but it would become a conversational piece for my clients to share with their guests. Katherine Rally, Fabric and Pillows.

This is not just a story about another fabric company that happens to make pillows. This is a love story and one that traveled around the world to get to us. It is a story about thinking out of the box and realizing your dreams can be fulfilled as long as you are willing to take risks.


Kathy & Rally Dupps are your ordinary couple, they met in 2002 and decided to backpack through Southeast Asia. When Rally decided to propose, Kathy chose to travel six weeks in India verses the traditional engagement ring. It should come as no surprise that when the economy tanked these professionals packed up their two kids and hit the road again. This time for the island paradise of Bali, Indonesia, where they would use their backgrounds in design to launch a fabric line.


Rally is an architect originally from Nashville and Kathy is an interior designer born and raised in the desert of Arizona. They decided to use batik to bring their designs to an audience that appreciates an ancient craft with a modern touch. I am in love with the one of a kind patterns, bold colors and true craftsmanship of their textiles.


So how do they do it? The couple continues to travel around the world,  Rally then draws patterns from his imagination by hand and craftsman create a metal stamp from Rally’s drawings. At their workshop, the metal stamp is dipped into molten wax and is applied to raw fabric by hand. These textiles are all handmade using the centuries old craft called batik.  

What to do with Katherine Rally scraps? Cover your favorite wedges like a client of theirs in Amsterdam did. Shown here is Turkish Eye in Classic Blue, I had to share the fun. Katherine Rally just celebrated their second anniversary since the launch, stop by their site to see their full collection and also to find out where you can purchase them. It is so much fun getting to know the people behind their dream in addition to learning about batik and looking at beautiful fabrics!

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  • Nadia

    Incredible fabrics!

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      They are Nadia so glad you like them.

  • Louise

    Striking designs. Their website is beautiful. Thanks for bringing this to us.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      And they are the nicest couple. I have used their pillows and fabric on three projects now and each time they really set the project apart.

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    These fabrics in a tiny house would really be spectacular, love that idea, made me smile.