County Clare Castle Tour:Ireland

A few weeks ago I shared a trend that is happening where girls are opting for a trip abroad Mother/Daughter style in lieu of a sweet sixteen party. After weeks and weeks of contemplation my daughter has made her decision and she chose, Ireland! Inspired by the hip Irish bands she loves and the lush green countryside she was introduced to in a movie called P.S. I Love You (a sweet love story) her decision was made easy. It should not come as a surprise that I am taking you to Ireland on our House Tour this week.

We are off to County Clare, a place my daughter Sarah and I will definitely be stopping by because it is known for being one of the most musical counties. The strong traditional music culture for which Clare is known attracts musicians from all over the world. In addition are the extraordinary wild flowers of The Burren which people flock to see each year. Clare is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean and by the Shannon River and Estuary to the East, The Burren is the most famous part of Clare. Ireland is known for its castles so today I wanted to share a Gaelic tower house, Ballyportry Castle.

To cross the threshold at Ballyportry is to step back in time 500 years. It is an authentic restoration, evoking Medieval Ireland. One of the finest examples in Ireland of a complete Medieval Gaelic tower house. Built in the 15th century it has been beautifully restored with careful attention being paid to retaining the original architectural details and character, yet with the comforts of the 21st century. Lets get inside.

The Gaelic Tower House of Ballyportry contains six bedrooms and two bathrooms with showers as well as a guest bathroom at the ground floor entrance. Kitchen and living spaces are on the first two floors. Above a fun thumb-nail sketch from the architect who renovated the Castle illustrates the layout in elevation.

Can you imagine being surrounded by this much stone everyday? Texture and lighting are necessary in creating warmth and balance in the space. I would also add more area rugs.

Below a few more images to inspire you. Starting out with a stone formation at The Burren, the Castles road-side sign (can you believe you can actually rent this baby) and an image from the town center. Erin Go Bragh!

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  • Bethany J.

    I so want to do this with my daughter!

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I was so happy she decided to go on a trip verses the party. I feel like it is a once in a lifetime chance.

  • Tara

    Ballyporty Castle looks magnificient. Thanks for sharing.

  • themosysinchina

    That’s so awesome that you two are doing that together! What a great experience!

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      We actually watched the movie again last night because the countryside is so beautiful and now that she decided we are so excited planning.

  • Elisa Fischer Smith

    My daughter is only 11 months old, but I think this is a lovely idea. I’m definitely keeping this one in the vault.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I let her decide where she wanted to go and she is doing most of the planning. I didn’t realize the skills she would learn and the sense of responsibility she would gain. A nice side effect!

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    I keep imagining what it would be like looking out of the windows of this castle on to the rolling green hills.

  • Rachel Gaffney

    So nice to meet you here. What a lovely idea to this with your daughter. I spend quite a bit of time in Co Clare and just love the rugged coastline. Lovely Photos ..

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Thank you for stopping by Rachel & great to meet you. We plan to fly to Shannon and then leave from Dublin any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Happy New Year!