The Great Escape

Tonight I am blogging from Dunkin Donuts, sitting at a table with people I have never met before who have also lost their internet connection and need to work. Many of them are moms and there is a certain sense of comradary that we share in trying to work and keep our families happy and cared for during a crisis like this. My hurricane update for today: the tree blocking our street has been moved so we can finally leave, we still have no power (and it could be eight more days we are told), we waited two hours for gas for our generator and my kids are off from school indefinitly. Not to worry; I am still smiling knowing that I am not alone, enjoying the extra time with my kids and sharing some time with you tonight. So what are we blogging about? The great escape of course! I let my kids help plan where we would go and what we would go in. I hope these sweet little campers bring a smile to your face. They sure made us smile!

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  • Patricia

    Wow this looks great. Couldn’t even tell you which one I like the most!

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    Something fun we would all love to have parked in our driveway LOL