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Wednesday is one of my favorite blog days because I get to answer design questions I receive from readers all day. I then choose the question I think most readers would be interested in and share my response with everyone. Being able to share design advice and solve design dilemmas is what I do best so if you are working on a project or need design advice don’t hesitate to ask; go to Just Ask and ask away!

Q. My living room is long and one seating arrangement in the center leaves odd open space on each side of it. Is it strange to have two seating areas and should they both match? Jillian T.

A. This is a design dilemma I face often,  know that there are options when space planning and typically several different ways to design the room. The first thing to consider is the function of the room; is it mainly for sitting, will it need a table and chairs, a pool table or a piano for example? Once you determine your needs for the space you can start laying out where things will be. I like to start with a simple bubble diagram to determine what is going into the room and where it will be placed. From there start selecting the pieces to go into the space beginning with the largest pieces; sofas, piano, pool table and then work from there. Personally I love having two sitting areas and this photo demonstrates how simple this can be achieved. I recommend the sitting areas not be identical; the color scheme is the same but each area has its own identity. The lighting in the room is identical which I love defining the two seating areas and one large rug grounds both areas.

In a more neutral color scheme, two seating areas are effectively divided with a gorgeous tufted ottoman. What is nice about this option is that you you can sit either way on the ottoman so although two separate areas are created conversation can easily flow through. Even enough space for that fabulous baby-grand piano.

A sleek modern version with a spectacular over-sized mirror to elongate the room and reflect the natural light. A combination of dining and sitting areas living harmoniously in the same room. I hope these examples will inspire you to create a living room that reflects your needs and personal style.



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  • brenda murphy

    Great examples Cathy in colour, function and styles! Love the first, even though I am not brave enough to use that much colour! Go pink!!!

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    I feel the same way Brenda, so fun to design using hot Pink!

  • Janet

    Your information is so informative Iam learning so much! I have a long narrow living room and I was afraid to make two seating areas b ut it looks like I can.

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    There are no rules when designing, its your home and the room needs to work for you Leeann.

  • kcw

    I really enjoy the posts where you share your professional experience and advice, thank you!

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Your welcome! Designing is my passion and what I have done for over twenty years, I am so happy to share my experience.

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