Green & Glorious Gift Guide

Happy Weekend! This weeks Friday Find is a green gift guide that I stumbled upon today while trying to get a jump on my holiday shopping. I “try” to live green and design green but it can be challenging and costly at times. This catalog fulfills my desire to give gifts that are hip and my desire to live green (or slightly greener). I also like my gifts to have a real wow factor reaction. Today I found just what I was after with this holiday gift guide by Treehugger.  The wow factor is the level of uniqueness these gifts have coupled with the minimum impact they have on our earth, doesn’t get any better than that. 

The people at Treehugger have spent months discovering over a hundred gifts in ten categories carefully selected keeping your desire to please your loved ones and to take care of the environment satisfied. “So whether you’re shopping for the hard-to-please boyfriend (enter cuff links made from recycled skate boards), the mother-in-law with a passion for cooking (a DIY micro greens kit or an award-winning bottle of organic olive oil), Fluffy the cat (watch him curl up in a recycled iMac), the design junkie (the perfect home office chair or a gorgeous wall-mounted terrarium), and just about everyone else on your list, the search stops here”, Treehugger. Here are my top five picks;

1. The Foodie GuideBrooklyn Roasting Company is one of the coolest, non-conventional coffee companies around and their dedication to all things green and groovy is evident in everything from the Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, organic-certified and sustainable growing methods they support to the upcycled decor and novel coffee mug program at their Brooklyn cafe. But it’s their stunning coffee that steals the show. And what a perfect gift it makes, all packaged in those recyclable and refillable tin-steel cans with cheeky labels. (Brooklyn Roasting Company Coffee, $13)



2. DIY’er Guide: I am crazy for chalk paint! This kit from Lullaby Paints provides a pretty palette of 16 colors to choose from, all in high-quality and durable, non-toxic VOC-free paint. The kit contains everything needed to create a chalkboard of 30-square feet. (Chalkboard Paint Kit, $26)





3. Design Junkie Guide: Moss can grow from trees or from the wall in your living room in the Roost Recycled Wall Hanging Glass Bubble Terrarium. Blown without a mold, each bubble has unique dimples, flow and grit marks, and rippling. (Roost Recycled Wall Hanging Glass Bubble Terrarium, $45)


4. Green Geek Guide:  The case from Innovéz is fully biodegradable, made from a material called EcoPure that doesn’t break down until placed in a microbial environment. The case is composed of two parts — a hard outer shell and a shock-absorbing inner shell — that can create up to 15 different color combinations. (Innovéz Biodegradable iPhone 5 Case, $25)


5Outdoor Enthusiast Guide: For the ultimate Go Green Gift, The Real Gap Lion Cub Experience, named a 2012 Readers’ Choice Winner for best volunteer vacation at TreeHugger, but Real Gap Experience has a whole host of paid work trips and volunteering opportunities across Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America. (Real Gap Experience starting at $1,200)

I wanted to end with two thoughts; first being, we don’t take a penny from Treehugger to promote them, we adore what they stand for and love their rockin gift guide and second; at TreeHugger, they think a lot about living with less, for more happiness, a principal that really gets tested around the holidays. Happy Shopping!

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  • Andrea

    Hi Cathy I am so happy someone. finally shared an environmentally conscious gift guide They are all starting to look the same, this one is awesome!

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I couldn’t resist this gift guide.Treehugger is an amazing site!

  • Janet

    I am in love with the terrariums, I need one for Christmas!

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    Terrariums are so popular right now and pretty.