Folding Chair Makeover

Getting ready for the holidays this weekend I pulled out our old, metal, folding chairs and wondered how could I make them look hipper or at least more presentable. I decided that my obsession with spray paint would definitely come in handy. A fresh color and coat would do the trick but some of my chairs had padding, now what? I began the search and found this fabulous DIY from Design For Mankind. Click here for step by step instructions on how to create this chair makeover, just in time for the holidays.

I don’t know about you but my old, scratched up, metal folding chairs look nothing like this fabulous version so I am ready to get spraying!

Image via {1,2}

  • Andrea

    Is there a brand of spray paint you like best? I am so excited to try this, a DIY I can actually do!

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    I like Krylon. Send pictures when you are done!

  • Connie

    What a great idea.

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    I just finished a set of six and they look a amazing around my kids table for Thanksgiving!