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Wednesday is all about solving design dilemmas for my readers and this week was a banner week answering over sixty two questions sent in. Ranging from space- planning your kitchen to re-covering sofas to holiday decor. I truly love sharing my years of professional experience with you so send your design questions in anytime. Today I chose to share a question from newlyweds in Hoboken, NJ and their super small studio.


Q. We just got married and are now renting a studio in Hoboken, NJ. It’s a great space with exposed brick and architectural details but I have no idea how to lay it out and wanted to know if you could give us some tips and options. Jocelyn B.

 A. I just love studio apartments and Hoboken is such a great place to live. There are several ways to layout your space depending on where the kitchen is located. Lets start with the layout above; this beautifully designed space incorporates lovely architectural details with a white color scheme and a pop of turquoise. Keeping things light and airy for a more open feel.

To the left is another option; dividing the space in two with a sectional or sofa while a vintage trunk serves as a dining table and provides storage. A desk backs up to the sectional creating a nice work-space and the bedroom has a designated side. When you don’t have a closet a vintage armoire or simple hanging bar can easily do the trick.

I love the design of this chic and simple studio. The sofa is actually two pull-out twin beds, a fabulous vintage armoire holds clothes and fun lighting brings in the hip factor. Below urban chic with a warm color scheme playing off the exposed brick with bright white accents give this space a larger than life feel. Storage and closets are built in. Ikea has some great options for wardrobes that can have a built in look.

Below this space shows the smallest of all studios and making the most of every available inch. I love the book shelves, green sofa and neatly made bed ( I love neatly made beds LOL).

In our final space utilize the walls by placing the furniture up against them to ground the major areas; living, dining and bedroom with an open center. The floors and architectural details have so much character I would hate to cover them or break the energy flowing through this space. I hope these options and tips help inspire you to make the most of your space and embrace studio living!


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  • Connie

    That’s a dream of mine to live in a small studio in the city. I’d take any one of these.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I would love a studio in NYC!

  • Claire

    Your ideas are so inspiring, I would love a studio space.

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    Thank for the complement Clarie. Studio spaces are so cool.

  • Kendra kinnear

    I always wanted a studio, but now looking for one in London its more of a headache then anything! Loving you ideas though they make this process much easier lol

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Kendra once you find I would love to help email pics and best.