Kitchen Hood Design Dilemma

Q. We are in the process of designing a new kitchen and stuck on what color the hood should be. I want to change the color on the hood and my husband wants it to match the cabinets. Can you please give us some advice? Adele M.

A. There are several options for your hood finsh and all would be fabulous, it really depends on the overall style and feel you are trying to create. Let’s review three options that I hope will inspire you to connect with your style and that you both will be happy with. Above, monochromatic bliss; there is something to be said for the continuous energy that flows through the kitchen when all of the cabinets are the same finish. In this case the hood detailing adds to the design but it is not a focal point. The rustic island and beautiful marble working together with the cabinets creates the overall style.

Switching it up; changing the hood finish to create a focal point and design detail in the kitchen. I recommend black, expresso brown or a natural wood finish. When my clients have chosen an actual color, sage green or red for example, they seem to tire of it where the more neutral friendly finishes are timeless. I am crazy for this black hood. Below, the same concept in a cottage style kitchen. The hood is a rustic natural wood finsih to add to the charm. Notice in both of these examples the lower cabinets are the same overall finish as the cabinets, they do not match the hood. You can make the lower cabinets the same finish as the hood if this is a look you like or even just the cabinet under the hood if you are using a cook-top.

The combination; below is my favorite example of using two finishes together. These corbels in a dark wood finish create a serious wow factor. I am not a fan of “the combination” when the actual hood has two finishes on it (it screams eighties to me). Click here for more practical information on Creating Your Dream Kitchen or Kitchen Design 101 and be sure whatever you decide, that you love it!

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  • Connie

    I have an old metal hood, these are fantastic. A change would make such a difference. Thanks for the ideas.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Its amazing how just one change can update the look of the whole kitchen, go for it.

  • Ingrid from Vintage Victoria

    Just found your blog and love it. Liked you on Facebook also. I have a dark wood hood with white cabinets and I love it.I wasn’t sure when I ordered it but the kitchen person convinced me.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      So glad you found us and that you did the combination of finishes.

  • Claire

    I love the first kitchen and need eveything the same color. Thats just me, it seems more peacful that way.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      So happy you are enjoying AYP!!