The Perfect Table: Christmas

This is such a busy week for so many of us getting ready for the holiday; my kids are already buzzing with excitement, last minute gifts still to buy and helping to inspire my clients table-scapes. For several people this was determined when their holiday decor went up but for others they like to get inspired closer to the holiday.

Personally, I like a combination of both approaches. I like to have an overall idea of what the table will look like but then change it up as the holiday nears based on the amount of guests or what type of gathering it is. All I know for sure is that there are always candles on my table because I love the warm glow.

Let’s walk through some options today from crisp classic to modern chic and everything in between. With color palettes of red, metallic’s and turquoise; anything goes. Pictured here is a simple white Christmas, using a pop of fresh greens to ground the center of the table. Below, a cottage feel with whimsical decor and an organic centerpiece of sprigs and berries. Having a fireplace in the dining room is such a nice touch at the holidays don’t you think?

Lets switch up the color palette to the sophisticated feel of metallic’s in bronze, silver and gold. Having the items you need for your table ready in the house will alleviate some stress. Take stock of napkins, tablecloths, candles and purchase fresh greens. Determine what the centerpiece may look like or ideas for items to create a focal point on the table.

Above a traditional space is styled with classic elegance including fine china and crystal. The silver trees add just the right amount holiday bling to the table and I love the fresh greens at the base of them.

In some situations the architecture can help determine the best way to style your space. In this rustic loft with exposed stone and beams a rustic modern feel infused with a hint of purple and gold is all you need. I like to evaluate what my clients have that we can use; plates, glasses, linens and holiday decor. You will be surprised how putting your things together in a new way can create the perfect holiday look.

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    All these table settings are to inviting.

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