There are No Words

Yesterday as I dropped my son off to his babysitter who we just love, my heart was heavy. I called her after an hour to check in which I rarely do (he is only there for 3 hours) but I just wanted to connect with them and know they were safe. She had just dropped her son off to Kindergarten and could not contain the tears as she pulled away. We spoke about the unimaginable pain the families and survivors must be going through and how we wanted to help in some way. We are two hours away from Newton but I found a fellow blogger who lives only a few towns away from Newton that came up with several things people can do. I have listed a few ways to help here but her article lists even more ways and she will be updating it as well, read her entire post here. In her article she describes her day and it is how so many of us are feeling. Trying to get through our daily routines and holding on to our kids, thankful that they are with us. Ways to help:

- Click here for the Emilie Parker Fund.
- Click here for a blog post on how to help Noah Pozner’s family.
-  Click here for the Friends of the Engel family Fund.
-  The Newtown Parent Connection is  committing to bring in extra counselors for   the community.
-  My Sandy Hook Family Fund.
-  Click here to donate to the Sandy Hook School Memorial Scholarship Fund at the University of Connecticut which will        –cover college costs for any students who currently attend the elementary school, as well as siblings of those killed in the assault and dependents of teachers and other adults who also lost their lives.


The Mayor of my town made this announcement today,”In support and unity and to show the residents of the community of Newtown, Connecticut that they are not alone in the darkness that they must endure this holiday season, the Township will not light the holiday displays at the municipal complex on the night of Wednesday, December 19th. On behalf of the Mayor & Council, we urge all residents to join in this symbolic display of sympathy by keeping all holiday decorations off on the night of December 19th. The victims, their families, and those affected by this tragedy will remain in our hearts and prayers throughout this holiday season and beyond.” I am thankful to live in a community that wants to let these little angels and heroic teachers know that we are grieving for them and that we truly care.

  • Vanessa

    Every time I think about this event, I just cry. My heart is so heavy and grieved for the families who lost love ones. These are great start to help. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    I feel just the same Vanessa, I don’t know how the families will go on.

  • Lena

    We are all so heart broken and looking for a way to help. Thank you for sharing this.