Window Wow

The concept of the Wow Factor is truly one of my favorite ways to design and can apply to so many aspects of a room. Windows can give instant architectural wow in any space by creating a fabulous design focal point. Below the grand scale and ceiling create some serious window wow. The blue finish is unique and adds another element of design.

The kitchen is a place where the window selection is so important because it needs to be highly functional and aesthetic at the same time. These windows below are just breathtaking (my personal style) and provide a stunning focal point among a sea of white cabinets and walls.

In a modern dining area; sleek and simple iron windows with a built in door. Enter in the wow factor; when the door is closed this looks like a wall of fabulous windows and provides just the right amount of wow factor. If you are designing a home from scratch let your architect know how important it is to change things up in some rooms adding windows with character. If you are renovating remember that changing a window can provide that missing design detail that you were after. Below another chic dining space, cottage style. The farmhouse style mullions for the transom and double hung windows are so pretty, don’t you think? Also notice the fabulous chunky moldings.

Selecting fabulous windows that can serve as focal point in the room that we spend the most time is ideal. I like the idea of window wow in the living room because it is a place my family enjoys spending time together. Having a beautiful architectural element like large scale windows can bring the outside in for everyone to enjoy, another effective way to achieve this look is with frameless glass doors like those from Frameless Glass Curtains.

In shades of white a completely different style of window wow is demonstrated. On a grand scale once again but using circular windows and arches to complement the french doors and elaborate moldings.

I just love this window seat situated in an arched nook. The windows are just scrumptious in an espresso finish with transoms. Further below; another nook but on a more cozy scale with a sweet oval window for a touch of window wow in a space that does not have a lot of wow opportunities.

I had a client recently ask me to design a room around her new window in her master suite. Typically this is a fairly easy task because the logical decision is to situate the tub under the window. When these two design elements are near each-other the wow factor develops organically making my job a piece of cake (can you tell its super late and I know there is cake in the fridge LOL).

All kidding aside; I hope these examples of how windows are truly a great way to bring in the Wow inspire you. Below a leaded glass window in a dramatic shape combines  the positive energy of natural light and a spectacular focal point, no that is a wow factor. Have a wonderful day friends!

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  • Lena

    These windows are fantastic and I love that they let in so much natural light.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Lena, I am crazy for natural light and always try to maximize it when designing.

  • Vanessa

    I love windows and the bigger the better. Lovely pics.

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    Thanks Vanessa I agree.

  • Connie

    Cathy your examples are so professional, thanks for the inspiration.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Thanks Connie, happy to inspire!

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