Do You Wine Where You Dine?

Q.  Can you suggest some ways to incorporate wine storage into a kitchen I am re-doing so the look is decorative as well as functional? Alana

A. What an exciting time it is designing your dream kitchen. I love the idea of wine storage at your fingertips when cooking and entertaining. There are several ways you can incorporate wine storage into the space starting out with cubbies for bottles stacked as high as you desire. The idea of going floor to ceiling is functional and aesthetically pleasing with a touch of drama. This concept can be used on any wall or in the island.

To the left is the same concept but with round cubbies. This shape complements the old world rustic finishes. Just lovely. When wine refrigerators are used I typically put them in the island unless there is a wall dedicated to wine.

The idea of wine storage in the island is very popular among my clients. Some do not have the wall space to dedicate an area for wine storage without loosing valuable cabinets. Others do not like the look when wine bottles are so visible where others love this look. When designing your dream kitchen be sure the design elements work for you and your lifestyle. Click here for more tips on designing your dream kitchen. Below, a combination of several design elements; a wall of wine storage above and wine refrigerators below, this is my husbands dream kitchen LOL. Hope this helps!

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  • Kathi Weisbecker

    as much as I love the look of the wine storage here, consistent low temps are the most important factor for wines to age well. Kitchens are notariously too hot – especially toward the ceiling. Ideally, a 56 degrees fahrenheit space preserves a serious wine investment so a renovated basement area away from the furnace would be perfect. Store sherry or cooking wine in the kitchen. Any ideas for a wine cellar?

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Sounds like a wine tasting at your house is in order Kathi!I am writing a feature on wine cellars for late January check back in & have a wonderful holiday!