Our Family Beach Bungalow: After Sandy

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DSC_0241 Many readers sent in emails to see if our bungalow survived Hurricane Sandy. The good news is that it did and the amount of damage was far less than we anticipated. We are on the Jersey Shore and the houses that were directly on the ocean (about six houses from us) are gone or basically destroyed. This was the first time ever that we were happy not to be ocean-front. Once the land was secure they allowed small groups to enter the area. Looks a little different than usual but love the display of American Flags and the feeling of hope that day. Very similar to what we experienced at home, people came together in our community, talked and helped. The Salvation Army was also wonderful, offering care packages and supplies. Pictured below is a neighbors house, an entire side was blown off but some accessories were still hanging.

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We began by removing debris from around the bungalow, ripping out carpets, removing mattress’ and furniture that was already moldy. It is absolutely amazing how quickly mold can grow. The following week the dream team came in and attacked, that would be my Dad and two Uncles. They removed wall board about 4′ up from the perimeter of the entire cottage. Now we wait for the insurance adjusters to inspect and see what they will cover. I began ordering materials for floors, wainscoting and moldings. Next will be the mattress’, furniture and blinds. I am really looking forward to sharing the progress with you of renovating our sweet little bungalow over the next couple of months. Here is a before and after of the sun porch, you get the idea. You can see more of the house as it was before the storm here.


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  • Connie

    My heart goes out to all the people in NJ and NY affected by this horrible Hurricane. The flags still flying do instill hope. Good luck with your sweet cottage.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.wolfram.1 Cathy Wolfram

      Appreciate the kind words Connie.

  • CozyCubbyhole

    These pictures are so heartbreaking. Best of luck getting your cottage restored!

    • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.wolfram.1 Cathy Wolfram

      Thanks for visiting AYP, we are so fortunate in comparison to others. Also looking forward to jumping in and getting our hands dirty LOL. Best in 2013!