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Q.  My resolution this year is to find a space to call my own. I homeschool my three children and run my household, I need an office but have no idea where to put one with very little space available. Leigh

A. You deserve a space to serve as your command center. As Mothers we juggle many responsibilities, jobs and children. We need a space to call our own where we can clear our heads, get organized and get to work. This week seems to be the perfect time to get organized, I received several questions about finding alternative spaces for home offices. You need to think outside of the box and take a walk around the house. Closets make perfect work space in my opinion and you will be amazed how easily you can relocate or pack up the contents to make it available space. I recommend a built in work surface from wall to wall, you can maximize storage with shelving as high as you wish and add pedestals under the work surface. Above this deep closet can fit a chair behind the closed doors.


In most cases I sit the chair outside of the closet because it is rare to have this type of depth. When I have an option I use bi-fold doors as shown in the first two images because they take up less space in the room when open. Below, utilize the side walls for shelving as an option and put a worktable outside of the closet. This will add a decorative element to your room and will serve as a functional work surface to lay out projects, conference with a colleague or your teenager LOL. The inside of the closet can act as a tack board when it is a standard door.


When a closet is not available I like to try to find a quiet corner to pop in a work-surface. I have done this in laundry rooms, mudrooms, walk-in closets and entryways. When possible I try not to incorporate work spaces into public spaces like kitchens, family rooms or dining rooms.  I adore this wall organizer from Design Public but it is a tad pricey  The Land of Nod has a children’s version that I recently used for a client on a budget and it looks fabulous for a fraction of the price. Ikea also has some interesting options.


A nook or alcove can also be a logical spot for a work space. I have actually had clients remove window seats that they never use to replace them with functional home offices. I love this sweet home office nook below. It’s just my style, fresh and modern with a touch of cottage. I hope this post inspires you to carve out some space just for yourself, we all deserve a place in this world!


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  • Connie

    I need a place to work and do have a closet I can use, but never would have thought to empty it and use it as an office. I feel like I should be paying you for all this information. Thanks Cathy

  • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.wolfram.1 Cathy Wolfram

    Connie that is very sweet but that is why I started the blog to get good design out to everyone. Closets can be functional nooks as work spaces or mini mudrooms.