Creating Cozy


This time of year my clients consistently ask me to infuse some “cozy” elements into their homes, especially because the glow of the holiday decorations has been packed away. This is easily achieved if you live in a log home like this one with a fabulous stone fireplace situated across from your bed. For the rest of us, I will share some tips today on how you can create some “cozy” without relocating to the mountains.


When we purchased our first home just about every ad included the word cozy in it. This was because the houses we could afford were super small and this little word made the residence seem more inviting. If you have ever read the Merriam-Webster’s definition of this word you know why; enjoying or affording warmth and ease, marked by the intimacy of the family or a close group. Who wouldn’t want that feeling in their home?

cozy5 There are some architectural factors of a home that instantly add to the cozy feel; ceiling height, scale of the room and alcoves or nooks. With all or even one of these elements you can build a cozy atmosphere fairly easy. Above, all of these elements are present. Natural tones and hues of white are used to create a peaceful, cozy setting. To the left; a sweet comfy nook. The designer decided to not run the window seat straight across but rather create an inviting space where morning coffee could be shared. Trimming out the nook in reclaimed lumber is genius and adds that perfect touch of lodge.



In this residence a built in daybed is incorporated to the living room. Pillows in various sizes and a nice thick cushion for the daybed covered in a chenille make it the perfect place for an afternoon nap, because we all have time for an afternoon nap LOL.


A sectional sofa can make a space feel instantly comfortable especially when done in a smaller scale. Exposed brick, an area rug and window treatments all add texture and warmth. Toss a throw in for some additional cozy.


Attic spaces are naturally cozy with the angled roof lines, exposed beams and brick. Here jewel tones also add to the warm sheltered feel. Below, if you have the opportunity to build a loft this architectural element adds function as well as interest making the space feel welcoming. The exposed wood ceiling and fabulous chocolate brown velvet sofa make this space feel extra cozy. Built in bookshelves and books everywhere add character and texture.



Add vintage elements to create your own sense of cozy wherever you want. In this master bedroom a door from salvage and fabulous lighting flag the upholstered headboard and ground the night stands, making a large space feel snug and warm. Let us know if you infuse some “cozy” into your home this season and how you did it!


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  • Kate

    Cozy is so nice after all the crazy.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      I couldn’t agree more Kate, a little cozy is always a good thing.

  • Connie

    That built in daybed is marvelous, what a great place to read or relax.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      I think we are deserve one Connie. Thanks for stopping by today.