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Here I am in 1976, my Mom introduced me to tennis and I played from age seven through college. One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to get back on the court. Tennis got pushed aside when building my career and family but I am back in the game today sharing some fun ways to incorporate a little vintage tennis into your decor. Pull out those vintage tennis racquets from the attic, basement or garage and blow the dust off. If you need to purchase some stop by a local antique store or turn to Ebay for some nice options. I found this pail of old tennis racquets when visiting MackeyBlue in Hoboken this week and was inspired to find ways to use them for current design projects. I have used vintage tennis racquets in family rooms, game rooms, finished basements,beach houses, bedrooms, country clubs and even bathrooms.


This beach residence is an example of how simple it is to incorporate vintage racquets into your design. Below, a DIY you may have seen before but one of my favorites. racquet mirrors. Super easy to make once you get a piece of mirror cut, directions here. If you are not crafty I found some fabulous pre-made versions here.



Hang some old tennis racquets above a headboard for some instant art or attach them to the wall above the bed to create a headboard. I have seen this done directly on the wall or on a plain wood frame. To the left, an accent wall created with  reclaimed lumber “serves” as the the perfect backdrop for the hanging racquets (I just love puns). Below, design a wall sculpture consisting of a large collection of old tennis racquets for a real wow factor when hung in a starburst fashion, add a clock in the center for a mid-century modern vibe (remember those fab retro star-burst clocks from that era)? I also had a client create an entire accent wall from vintage racquets, placing the bed in front of it for her teenager and it came out awesome.


I have made several versions of cork board tennis racquets but I love this one from My Paper Crane because the strings are exposed and it has a retro-hip factor, directions here. Further down, add some embroidery floss and weave a pattern or image onto the racquets strings. Try weaving a word or initials for a fun twist, makes a great gift for your BFF.



A final idea from our friends at Ready Made combines function and aesthetics for a hip jewelry caddy. I love that this vintage racquet has it’s original cover, this DIY does not look as good without it, directions here. Let us know if tennis is your thing and if you have ever decided to use it in your decor!


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  • Kate

    A tennis mirror for my son’s bathroom is on it’s way. thanks for the idea

  • Dale

    Hello, I just found your site through a friend and I’m enjoying it. I really like the racquet wall art circle. Good use for old racquets.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Thanks Dale so glad you found us and that you like the article. Visit again soon.

  • Dale

    Just found your site, through a friend. I love the circular tennis racket wall art.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      So glad you found our site! Visit again soon XO

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  • Kate

    I took my son’s old racket and used your example to convert it to a mirror for his bathroom. Came out great and I’m not crafty. Thanks for the tips.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      These old rackets are so cool, even when worn I love the character.

  • Jennifer Cook

    I too learned to play tennis as a child, and I am now getting back into it. I love the design concepts of decorating with antique rackets. I had seen many on Pinterest, but the new one to me was the corkboard idea! Thanks for sharing! Love!

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Hi Jennifer so glad you liked the post! Yes the cork board is so logical yet so creative. I making one for a clients kitchen in a log home in Maine, pretty easy so far.XO