Five Simple Steps: Organization


Part of being an interior designer is helping my clients get organized. It is such an important step for our mental well being especially when starting a project. I can come into your home and design a beautiful space but unless we take time to purge and organize the contents it will go right back to where it was. I came across this workspace from Real Simple and fell in love with the simplicity of the design and the creative organization. Removing the doors opened up the closet so you have easy and full access. Hanging panels in a patterned fabric higher then the molding is decorative as well as functional. I like to begin by jumping right into the design decisions; how will the room function, what will the layout look like (create a simple bubble diagram) and what will the color palette be (use our Get Inspired galleries to help you).

rs4 Now on to my five basic steps to help you get organized;

1. Clean- Remove everything in the closet and room.

2. Travel- Create piles of what belongs to other rooms and deliver it.

3. Store- Decide what you want to save, put it in bins and away to the attic.

4. Donate- Decide what you will purge to donate or toss.

5. Stay- Decide what you need in the room.


Sewing areas or rooms are so much fun to organize because the effects are immediate and the same five steps apply; clean, travel, store, toss and stay. Productivity and overall happiness is increased from the positive energy organization creates. Here simple design decisions provide a place for everything and everything in its place (one of my Dad’s sayings). I was raised by extremely organized parents hehehe. Originally the computer and sewing areas were tossed on the same table (see below).   By creating a bubble diagram you will be surprised how functions like these can be separated either by a creative dual use station or by physically separating them if you have the space. You may want to start by reading this article, De-Clutter 101 to get you in the mood. Have you had success in organizing, tell us your tricks!

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  • Kate

    Organization is my middle name and I love, love the steps you laid out to get there. Thanks again

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Thanks for visiting Abbey I am nuts for organization this time of year and love sharing ideas!

  • Abbey

    Love this article and the link to Real Simple provided more help.