Valentines Day Has An Official Blog: A BLOG ABOUT LOVE

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I started blogging about interior design on a mission to help my readers solve their design dilemmas because it is my passion. In my busy life when I sit down to read my favorite blogs I want to learn something, I want to feel passion and honesty from the author. I read several blogs relating to interior design because I adore design but I also read blogs that can improve my well being and help me lead a passionate life, you get the idea. This year I will be married twenty years; I have three children ranging from four to sixteen, I am a professional interior designer and have been this entire time and recently launched a design blog (my dream). There is not a minute available to work on my marriage or be in love and it is seriously sad. My friends that have been married as long as I have and longer are experiencing the same feeling, where is the love? Almost as if we are different paths, we care deeply for our spouses and love them but we have no time to be in Love.


So several months ago I decided to start a quest to fall in love again but I knew I could not do it alone. As a Mom I always try to give my kids the “tools” to deal with situations they face, now it was my turn, I needed “tools”  to find the love keeping it vibrant and alive. With life as crazy busy as ever, juggling two full time jobs and three fabulous kids (my blessings) I had no idea where to start. Enter in Mara and Danny and their blog (pictured here, you can just feel their love), A BLOG ABOUT LOVE. I know what you are thinking, really, a blog is going to make your life better? A BLOG ABOUT LOVE is not your ordinary self help blog with tutorials and how to’s;  it is real, it is crazy passionate and it is helping. I am just at the beginning of my journey yet I feel so much better already.


Just read their LOVE story and you will understand exactly what I mean (it is way better than Fifty Shades of Grey). Every friend I have told about their blog is now addicted also, no worries this is a good addiction. They even offer classes if the life lessons in their blog are not enough. I feel like Mara and Danny are giving me the “tools” to figure it out and I want to “thank them both” from the bottom of my heart!

Valentines Day Gift Guide:  Read-The Best Tips I Can Give You for a REALLY, REALLY Great Marriage and get the journey started!

So I have decided to name A BLOG ABOUT LOVE, the official blog of Valentines Day!  The blog that has a foundation built on Love and the sweetest couple you will ever meet!




{It seemed like every time we were with friends, family, and even strangers, the conversations would always lead to things that matter the most: how can I love in ahealthy way?  how can I face marriagebeing single,dating, trialsdivorce, infertility, etc? Mara Kofoed}

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  • Jill

    I love the diversity of your blog. I expected design and I got LOVE, what a sweet article.

  • Cathy from Adore Your Place

    Thanks Jill, this is one of my favorites XO

  • Vanessa

    Hi, Cathy
    This is a great post, life takes over and we can forget our special love of our lives. Thank you for sharing.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Thanks Vanessa, if you have a chance to visit A Blog About Love, these two are just fabulous XO

  • Mama Harris

    Love this! I, too, deal with making the time for love. My husband works a crazy amount of hours (this week it’s 84 hours) and add to that every day his commute totals to almost 3 hours. He literally comes home, showers, eats and goes to sleep! It’s not always like that, but when it is it’s tough to make time for one another. Meanwhile I’m CEO of the house, taking care of all the kids and home 24/7 with the youngest two. In addition to all my cooking and blogging! Needless to say, I am heading over to the blog now, and I can’t wait!

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      If you have a chance to visit it is a fabulous blog. Wow those are a ton of hours your husband works, your like a single Mom. Hang in there :)

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