Girly, Chic and Modern Workspace

Each week I answer design questions from readers ranging from; help me layout my bathroom tiles to selecting accent colors, revising kitchen plans to creating curb appeal and the list goes on. It is truly my passion to help you solve your design dilemmas so ask away, Just Ask. Several questions this week had to do with creating a feminine home office space, so let’s get designing.


Q. I need help with ideas for a home office, I need girly, chick and modern, clean looking. HELP! Model Mom

A. I just love designing home offices that can be girly and chic, bringing my clients vision to life. I have a client’s home office I am going to feature in the next couple of weeks, she is a crazy talented photographer. The hope is that the inspiring office we created will spring board her career as a photographer. Yes, a new home office can actually kick your butt into gear organizing your head as much as your environment. Here is a questionnaire I use to start my home office design projects.


1. What functions need to take place in the office?

2. How many people will be working in the office?

3. Will there be a worktable or seating area?

4. What type of storage do you need?

5. Lighting Design and electrical; will there be recessed lights, pendent lights, additional outlets and a flat screen?

6. Will the desk be built in or freestanding?

7. Are there any tables or chairs in the house I can re-purpose (like this one to my left)?

8. Is there a closet in the room I can design with storage for the home office?

The first image illustrates the chic, clean lines that built in cabinetry automatically creates. You can seamlessly add a work space into any room and it will look purposeful when building it in. Girly touches include a wallpapered ceiling, chandelier and chic seating. Above, I love an accent wall of wallpaper to add that feminine feel and a touch of metallic is always fabulous. A re-purposed dining table painted white gives ample work space, add a glass top for a practical modern touch. Love the mint wall with the gold.


Once I get the answers to the questionnaire we talk about the color scheme. If feminine chic is what you are after, this is the opportunity to bring out the girly- girl in you and create a palette that supports your vision. Pink, the ultimate girly color. Next, the walls and floors. Will there be moldings or fabulous wainscoting like above, paint or wallcovering and what material will be on the floor. Several of my clients make the extra bedroom a home office. If you have the opportunity to add wood flooring with an area rug it helps the room feel less “bedroomy” and more “office like”.


Girly-chic doesn’t have to be defined by using pink or metallic wallpaper it can be simply achieved with a monochromatic color scheme in shades of white as shown here. Girly with a touch of modern elegance. For more home office inspiration click here. Understanding the process can truly help inspire you to create the office of your dreams and maybe even launch that new career.




Image {1,2,3,4}

  • Maria

    OMG I just love love that pink chair. I think I’ll try to find one at a house sale and paint it up for my bedroom vanity, I don’t have a home office.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Maria that sounds like a great idea :)

  • Jayne

    I am a monochromatic person so that last office is just my style. Thanks for the eight steps, it will make the process of creating my home office a lot easier.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      That is my favorite one to Jayne, so chic. Glad to hear the 8 steps are helpful :)

  • Vanlun

    I love these rooms. They are just beautiful and girly. : )

    • Cathy Wolfram

      So nice to have a space of our own right Vanessa :)

  • Angela

    Beautiful spaces! New to your blog and so glad I found it!!! Perfect timing as I’m in the early stages of creating my own office!! Thanks for the help!!!

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Nice to meet you Angela, If you need more help with your office that I didn’t answer here you can always email me your specific question in Just Ask.

      • Angela

        Thanks, Cathy!