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When I’m working on a project I find that by the time we are at the stage for accessorizing my clients have lost their enthusiasm and just want to be done. I understand why, especially when new construction is involved, so I am here to make it easy. This week I am focusing on simple ways to achieve a finished look in your home and tips for accessorizing, starting out with mirrors.

mirror9 I just adore the symmetry of two identical mirrors on either side of the window. The blank walls feel styled and complete. On to the entryway, an oversize mirror gives the foyer a sense of depth and provides an instant wow factor. Placed in front of wainscoting my clients would be concerned that we are covering a design detail but we are actually adding a layer of detail, there is plenty of wainscoting and millwork to enjoy ( I am crazy for the light fixture).

The first mirrors date back over 6000 years ago, read more about their history and the myths about mirrors in this awesome article. Below, the etched glass adds another layer of interest to the mirror. Placing colorful objects in-front of it is a fun way to reflect color (my favorite color) and the accessories.


Mirrors are one of my favorite ways to accessorize a home, they provide function in addition to aesthetics, a winning design combination. They can be used in any room of your house and in any scale or shape. Above a fireplace is a typical spot for a large scale mirror, adding height and a touch of drama.


We all know that the bathroom is standard for having mirrors but I love how this example below has a built in mirror in an unexpected place, adding to the depth and retro feel of the room. Further below, a fabulous Venetian style mirror gives a peaceful retreat a finished look without taking away from the serenity.



I love to entertain outdoors and I want my guests to have a nice view, not face the exterior of my house. Adding a mirror to the exterior wall of the house is genius. I know it is out of the box thinking but the mirror could reflect the sky or in this case beautiful windows providing a nice view for everyone. My goal this week is to inspire you to accessorize and get that finished feel you deserve. Be sure to stop in later in the week for our fabulous Coach Barn accessory Giveaway values at $350.00!


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  • Vanlun

    I just love these lovely designs. I am a huge fan of mirrors as well and have one in almost every room. Beautiful!

    • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.wolfram.1 Cathy Wolfram

      I use mirrors everywhere for their decorative and functional use. Glad you are a fan as well.

  • Josh Urso Design

    We dig the really thick lucite console in front of that oversized mirror. Nice touch.

    • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.wolfram.1 Cathy Wolfram

      Same with me Josh, thanks for stopping in :)

  • Kate

    That oriental mirror on the patio wall is stunning.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.wolfram.1 Cathy Wolfram

    That is a beauty:)

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