Master Bedroom Dilemma: Carpet vs. Wood


We received several questions over the past few weeks in Just Ask about using carpet in the bedroom verses hardwood floors; maybe because the weather is so frigid outside LOL. Today lets talk about what people are doing more of and why, the pros and cons of each, my favorite flooring products and cost comparison.

Q. We are renovating our master bedroom and my husband wants carpet but I want hardwood. What do you recommend and why? Annie



A. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your bedroom flooring choice, it is a personal preference. Having said that lets talk about the three options you have; hardwood floors, an area rug on top of the hardwood or wall to wall carpet. The first image shows wood floors, plain and simple. I have very few clients that just do wood unless it is a beach house. The image above illustrates hardwood with a custom area rug that shows a small border of wood. This is a good option for the couple who is split in their decision when it comes to carpet vs. wood. To the left is the same concept but allowing more wood to show (my first choice), the custom area rug provides the benefits of warmth when your feet hit the floor getting out of bed and this rug has a fabulous border in silk that I just adore.


When selecting area rugs for bedrooms I like to suggest a berber loop or low cut pile. I also like patterned rugs and handmade wool from various parts of the world. People often ask if they can put an area rug on top of wall to wall carpet and the answer is, yes you can. It is not a favorite look of mine but the addition of a fun pattern area just might do the trick.

hw9 When specifying hardwoods, 80% of all my current jobs have been selecting pre-finished wood flooring, I really like some of the finishes from Bruce and Armstrong. The benefits are; much faster project completion, consistent factory finish, no sanding, a more durable finish and no fumes. Click here to review more of the pros and cons of pre-finished wood flooring. For area rugs I have been finding some nice options at Home Decorators, Rugs Direct and Pottery Barn. For custom area rugs I like to use local vendors to ensure the quality and craftsmanship. Check out the accessories to the left; fabulous pillows, upholstered headboard and vignette on the dresser, love it all.



I have several clients that just love wall to wall carpet, especially in their bedrooms. This HGTV room above is the perfect example of how wall to wall can look aesthetically pleasing, while providing insulation and warmth. Another question clients often ask, in helping to aide their decision between the carpet or wood, is the cost. I have found that they price out within dollars of each other if your carpet is a quality product. Remember to add an allowance in for the cost of the area rug if that is your design direction. Share your bedroom flooring experience with us and let us know if you made the right choice; we would love to hear from you.

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  • Kate

    I like the idea of putting an area rug over wall to wall. The carpet in my guest bedroom has a stain that won’t come up and that will be the answer.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      So glad this gave you some inspiration :)

  • litebrite

    The first picture’s hardwood is so beautiful! But I agree with you when you say that is it nice to be able to step onto warm carpet in the mornings. This was a great post! Gave me some good ideas! :)

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Thanks! Our site is all about deign inspiration & advice. If you ever have any design dilemmas that need solving email in our Just Ask category, we love it!

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