Do Small Things with Great Love

2013 Jake's Snowman 017

Hello friends, I wanted to share a quick story about finding joy in our daily tasks. I know we hear it all the time; the little things become the big things, slow down, take time to smell the roses and the list goes on. Well, as a working mother of three children at totally different stages, I can tell you it is all true. This weekend as my teenage daughter was off to dinner with her boyfriend and my middle school son was sleeping over a friends house I realized how fast time is moving for them and at the same time how much slower things are for my little man. 

a2 Watching him create this snow man truly enjoying every stage in the task I realized, I do need to slow down the process and find the joy in my daily tasks. I am blessed with a career that I am truly passionate about but juggling my kids with my career leaves me with a lot of guilt, as I am sure many of you experience. So here he is thinking, creating and taking the time he needs to decide what his next step will be. He is content to admire how far he has come and happy to tell me about his plans. Wouldn’t it be nice to approach our daily tasks like this?

2013 Jake's Snowman 030

It sounds so simple but I learned so much from my three year old today. Just look at his expression as he puts the last piece on his snowman, truly priceless.

  • CourtneyPriceDesign

    Cathy- the expression on your son’s face and the expression on the snowman’s face: doubly priceless!!!! You should frame that.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      I know, I was so excited to capture his emotion. Not easy at three LOL. I create wall galleries for my clients all of the time, I really need to get moving at my house framing and hanging. Thanks again for visiting AYP.

  • Kate

    Thank God for these moments. Thanks for sharing. Your little guy is just adorable.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      Thanks so much for visiting, he is our family sweetie.