Lighting Wow: Bathrooms


Lighting can truly enhance any room and when it comes to bathrooms the wow factor lighting can be just as important as the task lighting. This is because there is not a great deal of opportunity to infuse character or a touch of bling into the bathroom. As a designer I rely on fabulous light fixtures like these crystal pendents pictured above. They provide just the right amount of glam while illuminating a section of the bathroom. 


So where do you begin when designing a lighting plan and selecting the fixtures for the bathroom? Determine where the task and decorative fixtures will be located, find a source for your recessed lights and switches like Harbro Electrical. A combination of recessed lighting, wall sconces, pendents and chandeliers can all be used. I like to start with the vanity area, decide if the fixtures will go on either side of the mirror or above it. Next, will there be a central fixture and or recessed fixtures on the ceiling? Above, an Asian inspired lantern with a pop of turquoise brings instant character and color to the room.


A larger scale chandelier will always provide a wow factor in the room and in addition brings the ceiling down for a cozier feel. Wall sconces with sweet shades are installed on the cabinetry to not obstruct the mirrors. In an all white bathroom like below one simple color decision can create the perfect focal point. This green crystal fixture is just stunning with a hint of color and chic styling in a cottage setting.


I love the idea of using an un-expected fixture in the bathroom such as the glass pendent lighting below, a touch of modern whimsy and interest. My clients and readers often ask my favorite places to find bathroom lights. I consistently find some fabulous fixtures at Bellacor and Shades of Light.


Lighting efficiently around a mirror can be challenging. Bathroom cabinets & mirrors from Illuminated Mirrors are a functional and sleek option. I find that when I use wall sconces like these nicely styled lights below there needs to be overhead or recessed lights to reach an acceptable light level for applying makeup and doing hair. I love the sleek modern styling of these fixtures and how they complement the wallpaper perfectly. Lighting bathrooms is so much fun, think outside of the box and go for it.


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  • Leslie Stewart

    What gorgeous lighting inspirations! Thanks for sharing.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Lighting truly makes the room doesn’t it Leslie, I love the planning and selecting :) Thanks for visiting today.