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On the blog there is a category that you may not be familiar with called, the Friday Find. Once a week we hit the pavement in search of fab vintage finds, rummaging through garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores and even curb side treasures. We have a passion for vintage and collecting, loving the character the pieces bring to our design projects. The weather in New Jersey has been cold, windy and snowy so the rummaging has been a bit slow. I am also super busy planning Spring construction projects for my clients but this week I made it out, finding a piece from a nautical Depression Glass pattern that my parents collect.


From the late-20′s through the early ’40s Depression Glass was made. This mass-produced glassware was of relatively poor quality but it came in beautiful colors and patterns bringing a bit of happiness to a stressful era in time. Back in those days it could be found in oatmeal or detergent boxes. Sometimes gas stations would give you a piece for filling the tank. Movie theaters even got in on the action offering a piece of glass with a ticket to a Saturday matinee. The most popular colors with collectors today are pink, cobalt blue and green. My parents have three massive collections; cobalt with ships, green and pink. The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass by Gene & Cathy Florence is an awesome reference that travels with my parents while picking.

ayp friday find blue sailboat glass 002

This glass pattern is called “Sailboats” or “Ships”and was made in the 1930′s by the Hazel Atlas Glass Co. The color of the glass is cobalt blue and it is captivating decorated with white ships. If there were man-caves back then, this glass would have been in them LOL.  It’s also been called “Sportsman Series”. My parents collection includes; tumblers, pitchers, ice buckets, dishes, shakers and some specialty pieces. They actually have over 300 pieces. My Friday Find is an accessory piece that was made to match this pattern, it is a white glass tray with a cobalt blue sailboat and anchors (I just love anchors). The tray is in mint condition and a real find. My parents went nuts when I gave it to them today, it was priceless.

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  • Kate

    What a stunning display in that room, the blue glass is awesome. Your parents are fortunate to have you on the hunt.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      They are actually so much better at the hunt but it is fun:) The blue glass is my favorite collection they have.