Front Door Fabulous


Spring is on the way and it is the perfect time of year to start planning for your exterior projects, especially if permits are involved with your township. Curb appeal is always at the top of my clients lists and changing or re-painting the front door can make a huge difference in the overall look of the facade. Let’s start out with selecting a style door; above is a standard wooden, six panel door painted in a fabulous shade of turquoise, the perfect compliment to the copper awning.


So often my clients feel hindered by the architectural style of the home when selecting a door. It is possible to put a more modern door on a traditional home for example, it can add character and interest. Although, there is something to be said for staying true to the architecture and period style of the home. The bottom line is that there are no rules, select a door that  that achieves the look you want for your home. Bouncing back to door style; partial glass on the door can help bring some natural light in, especially when flagged by side lights. The door above is pre-finished fiberglass. I love the pre-finished fiberglass doors, a factory finish is consistent and extremely durable. Everyone that comes into my home believes my door is wood and not pre-finished fiberglass from Jeld- Wen.


These double doors complement the architecture of the home beautifully and I just love the deep brick finish. My clients love this look but some have expressed security concerns. The glass on the door is extremely strong, my feeling is that if someone truly wants to get into your home they will, they can access another door or window. Whether you have a glass door or not will not discourage a robbery in my opinion but “you” need to feel comfortable with your choice.


Above, I am just crazy for dutch doors. I have re-purposed dutch doors from salvage for clients and purchased new as well from Vintage Doors. Transom windows over the door combined with larger scale side lights (referring to the windows on either side of the door) are just delightful if you have the space for them. Below, 3/4 glass doors are the perfect solution for entryways that do not have natural light and black is always in style.


The last example is one of my favorites,  because you can see straight through to the backyard. I also love the farmhouse style mullions and mahogany finish. Designer tip; when ordering pre-finished doors remember to order the molding to match if you like this look. The other option would be to have the molding in between the door, side lights and transom painted white but I prefer this look all in the door finish. Remember at the end of the day there are no rules you just need to love it!


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  • Kate

    Using Feng Shui in the home, it is believed that a well-placed front door will encourage health, wealth and long life. All these examples are beautiful. I especially love the design of the second door.

  • Cathy Wolfram

    Thanks for sharing the info., your favorite is fabulous and timeless!

  • Zoe Borrowdale

    Such beautiful entrances. I live in an Edwardian house in the UK . Recently I decided to repaint my front door and drove round the surrounding area to get some ideas for a new colour. I was quite shocked to realise that many households are opting for UPVC ( plastic) doors. I understand that on the whole houses in the UK can be pretty drafty but how sad that all these houses end up looking the same. I still haven t decided on a colour, these decisions can t be rushed into !

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Zoe well said, not rushing in is the best idea and also I love to drive by houses to get inspired. It is amazing how far the UPVC has come, no one can tell my door isn’t wood :) You can always send me pics in Just Ask if you want a second opinion on the color. Thanks for visiting!

  • theadoredhome

    I love doors, there is just something about them (I even have a board on Pintrest about them) Something about them brings a feeling of home. Thanks for sharing!

    • Cathy Wolfram

      It is amazing how the front door can be so captivating, feel free to pin! I am going to feature more doors in the Spring, I love driving around snapping photos of them :)

  • annie annie

    These doors exemplify home! SO inviting and stylish! LOVE!