A Story about Community, Caring, Fate & Doors?


Living in New Jersey we felt the effects of Hurricane Sandy and having a home at the shore just magnified the impact. Our renovations are moving slowly at our beach bungalow and I am excited to share the process as we get closer to Spring. Today I wanted to share a story about a restaurant owner at the Jersey Shore that I read about this week in The Star Ledger, New Jersey’s largest local newspaper. In the aftermath of the hurricane this story is about community, caring and fate.


Her name is Angelita Liaguno-Dorr (known as Gigi) and Sandy claimed her popular bay-front restaurant called Jakeabob’s Bay. The homes in the community of Union Beach, where Gigi’s restaurant was located, were nearly all demolished leaving behind debris and doors in its path. While Gigi was planning the temporary relocation of her restaurant she noticed doors everywhere. Pieces of her community and the homes of her customers. That is when fate stepped in (notice her last name is Dorr), she decided to re-purpose and re-furbish the doors creating tables and walls in her restaurant (I have goose bumps thinking about it). In her own words she admits, ”My best idea ever” and she should, this idea is a home run. I have designed dozens of restaurants and having pieces from the history of the community adds character and pride. In this case Gigi says,” a way to keep the town and its heartbroken residents connected.” A reminder of a community, hope and caring for each-other, way to go Gigi. I am so excited to bring my family to her restaurant and to meet her, you can read the entire story and see the video clips here. The temporary location will be called the Jakeabob’s Off the Bay, 910 Union Ave, Union Beach.


  • Nanner

    That is super! So great on so many levels. Good for her!

    • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.wolfram.1 Cathy Wolfram

      I had to share this story, she actually was cooking and driving meals around, that is when she saw all of the doors. An inspiring lady for sure.

  • Connie

    The devastation of Hurricane Sandy was and still is awful. This story showing the spirit of re-building with heart is just great to hear.