Eggtastic: Top Ten Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

We have been dying eggs for a few days now, that will happen when you have a toddler LOL. Tonight my high-school daughter even joined in the fun, her creations are number 8, Anything Goes. Let’s begin with a round up of some of the most creative ways we discovered to decorate eggs this year from the super easy to super talented. All of these creations started out with a hard-boiled egg, excellent tutorial HERE.


1. Monogram Magic: Design your vinyl; cut, peel, and add adhesive to vinyl. Place in dye cups, once dry remove vinyl and voila. I think they make the perfect placecard. Full tutorial from Lil’Luna HERE.


2.Polka Dot Pretties: Using a crafts punch, punch circles from double-sided adhesive. Attach them to the eggs, roll in glitter; remove excess with a clean paintbrush. For a multicolored egg, place a few stickers on an egg at a time. Fun result !


3. Just Sayin: Take a Sharpie and write a favorite phrase or love note. I chose the words to “You are my Sunshine” on one of our eggs.


4. Dippin Dots: Not just for cookies and chocolates, nonpareil sprinkles have many uses even egg decorating. Paint the egg with glue and roll in the sprinkles, full tutorial from Studio DIY, HERE.


5. Pleasing Pysanky: The inspiration for these Easter eggs comes from Pysanky, the ancient Ukrainian folk art of wax-and-dye eggs. To create, stick metal pins in pencil erasers, dip the pinheads in melted wax, and draw wax patterns on the eggs, then dye them. I personally like using natural dyes (beats and blueberries for example) with this technique to give an organic feel and bold color for the backdrop to these beautiful designs. Traditional Pysanky was done on raw eggs. read more about the traditional techniques HERE.


6. Glided Glam: Dip-dye eggs in cups, when dry, dip a portion of the egg in gold paint for the most glamorous Easter egg. An easy wow factor creation and I always swoon over pink and gold.


7. Doodle Fun: Using watercolors (children ‘s sets are fine) paint the back ground. use colored pencils and start doodling friends, let your imagination run wild. We plan to let our little man have a go at this tomorrow now that our eggs are fully dry. Full tutorial from Alisa Burke, HERE.


8. Anything Goes: These lovely creations are my daughter Sarah’s. Simple dip-dye on all then incorporating elastic bands, dying half of the egg at a time and double-sided adhesive cut into a bunny shape rolled in glitter. She had a blast with her best friend making these.


9. Fruit Fabulous: I am officially crazy about these eggs with paintings of fruit on them. Using Martha Stewart’s Adhesive Stencil Film, draw or trace a stencil and paint. Check out the full tutorial from The Allison Show, HERE.


10. Dreamy Decoupage: Any day I get to use Mod-Podge is a good one LOL. Using fresh floral print napkins, you can cut the shapes out or use the entire napkin. With a paint or foam brush use Mod-Podge to attach the shapes or napkin onto the egg. Then cover the entire egg with Mod-Podge, if you have never used Mod-Podge don’t panic it goes on filmy and hazy and dries clear and fabulous.

* These eggtastic creations make fabulous Easter decor but most are not edible

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  • ItsFitting

    These are awesome!!! Now if someone will only teach my child to use modge podge… He’s only 3.5 so we have a few more Easters I guess.

    And thanks for the shout-out on the hard boiling tutorial!

    • Cathy Wolfram

      I love decorating eggs but have to be honest when it comes to hard boiling them I crack them and never feel like I am cooking them long enough. I found your tutorial and they came out perfect! My 3.5 year old loved drawing on them LOL. Happy Easter!

  • Zoe Borrowdale

    Heard an article on UK Radio 4 s Womans hour about the decorating of eggs in the Ukraine and apparently they are ‘unboiled’ eggs which must have taken a very delicate hand.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Yes I think the tradition is the pin hole and extracting the yolk. This version was done on a hard-boiled egg but I should mention the traditional way, thanks Zoe!

  • Susan

    The soft colors of your daughter’s eggs are so pretty. Thanks for the boiling egg tip, I really needed that.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Awh thanks Susan she will be thrilled to hear someone liked her creations :)