Wedding Design: Backyard Bliss


Spring is here and that means so is Wedding Season. I am not a wedding planner but have been helping my design clients for years with decisions about their weddings from color palettes and flowers to the overall decor of their wedding and even music! A professional interior designer and a professional wedding planner have so many similarities, we both start out by discovering what our clients overall style is and then we make that vision a reality, coordinating everything that must be done staying on time and on budget.


This Spring one of my clients has asked me to consult with her wedding planner making decisions about the color palette and wedding decor for her summer wedding. I am sure this will be challenging, making my client happy while not stepping on the wedding planners toes, but I am up for the challenge. Must have’s on her list are chandeliers and fabulous lighting. Creating personal touches that reflect my clients style like Mason jar place-cards, mini wedding cake favors and flowers in her favorite champagne bottles are just a few ideas.

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My client could have the reception anywhere, but chose an intimate backyard reception at her new address;  I thought this was so romantic. This type of wedding is the most challenging for any wedding planner having to bring in and coordinate every service and rental. Thank God I am only responsible for the color palette, the table layout, lighting design and decor. I have to make sure everything runs smoothly on my design projects, but on the wedding day it is up to the wedding planner and I am so thankful for that. I will be attending as a guest and feel a touch guilty but just a touch.


So where do I begin, with the details and layout. I am creating a list of questions just like I would do when beginning a design project; number of guests, seating areas, cocktail hour location and number of bars, layout of tables (this curve below is very interesting), dance floor options, lighting and  Bride/Groom table. These are just a few questions on my list that I will be sending to the wedding planner later today.


Taking the reception from day to night in a smooth and elegant fashion is top on the list. Lighting is key to set the evening mood and deciding if there will be tents or garden structures will greatly impact the lighting plan. I have to say bringing my clients vision to life on one of the most important days in her life is slightly more challenging then when I designed her kitchen LOL. Check back again for updates and more Wedding Bliss.


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  • Cathy Tan

    Beautiful Wedding ideas..:D

  • Susan

    Outdoor Weddings are wonderful. I love the flower arrangement in the wine bottle. This idea could be used for any party.

    • Cathy from Adore Your Place

      They are so much fun, I loved the relaxed atmosphere & yes that idea could be used anytime :)