Open Plan Design Dilemma


Q. I am taking down the wall between my kitchen and dining room, should I keep a formal dining table or go more casual now? Leeanne

A. Let me start out by saying, I just love the open plan concept mainly because I believe it can increase the quality of your life through natural connections. These connections can be visual as well as interpersonal, the open plan creates opportunities to connect on many different levels. Now on to our readers question, consider the following items when deciding what the dining area should look and feel like.


Function of the dining area; will it be used for daily meals, mainly entertaining or a combination of both? Evaluating the function will help you determine the scale of the table, if it needs to extend or is a solid piece and the amount of chairs.


Interior Design; do you want the dining area to feel like an extension of the kitchen design or have its own identity? I personally like a visual connection to some design detail in the kitchen infused with a different vibe for an eclectic feel. Above, sleek kitchen cabinets mixed with a farmhouse table and upholstered chairs work together harmoniously.


Your Style; this is a personal choice and there is no right or wrong answer. Above, a glossy, traditional oval table sets the tone for elegance while below in a cottage chic kitchen a bench seat brings casual warmth to the sitting area. Consistent flooring adds to the visual connection between the kitchen and dining area. Designer tip: the choice of lighting fixtures and a lighting plan can enhance any atmosphere while visually connecting the two areas together.


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  • Kate

    The open plan is the way to go. I love the dark wood with the white cabinets.

  • Cathy Wolfram

    I am also a fan of the open plan and crisp white cabinets with the dark floor :)