Inspiration to Interior: Milan Fashion Week

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This week we had an AYP first, a reader sent in a design question that involved a dress she bought on vacation. I am so excited to answer her question because we have a column called, Inspiration to Interior that is all about bringing the latest fashion from the runway into your home Q. I am in love with a Bluemarine dress I bought on vacation last year, can I design a room around it? Grace

In emailing Grace back I learned her dress was featured on the runway in Milan Fashion Week last Spring and she just fell in love with the palette and movement. She also wants to use the inspiration in more than one place, living room and kitchen. What fun!


Let’s start with the living room; the spring fresh colors of yellow hues and misty blue is a typical palette I would use at the shore and you can see why. The key when using fashion as inspiration is to achieve the feeling of the piece not the exact color palette. Above, a combination of shades of blue are encompassed by yellow walls and touches of white. Various textures and patterns within the palette add interest and movement.


Grace is fortunate to have a white kitchen because it is the perfect backdrop to infuse a fresh color palette into. Painting the island is an easy way to add that pop of color. Drawing inspiration from the dress, turquoise is a perfect option for the stools. It is a combination of blue and green and both colors are represented in the dress. I am crazy for the light fixture for two reasons; it is an interesting shade of yellow and the swirl pattern mimics the feeling of movement from the dress. Inspiration from fashion is all about the feeling the piece evokes and then translating that into your design choices. Send me more pictures ladies of your favorite dresses this was a lot of fun!



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  • Kate

    So many times I’ve had a piece of clothing that I just loved the colors and design of, but never imagined using the colors and design in one of my rooms. Thanks fellow reader for the question and thanks, Cathy for your out-of-the-box, Inspiration To Interior articles. Your examples are awesome..

    • Cathy Wolfram

      So glad you enjoyed the article :) this is a really fun column to write, I love drawing inspiration from the latest fashion.