Color vs. Neutral: Bedrooms

This past week the questions kept pouring in (Just Ask) regarding color vs. neutrals and they mainly pertained to master bedrooms. A place where you can truly relax and recharge but what I have learned throughout all of these years designing interiors is that everyone’s idea of what a retreat is varies greatly. The main variation seems to be the use of bold colors or soft neutrals.


Q. Re-doing my master bedroom, I like color or a monochromatic neutral look for my master bedroom, which direction do you suggest? Rita

A. When it comes to your bedroom color palette this is not a case of which option is better, you need to follow your intuition to help bring your vision to reality. As a designer I can help you create a dream master bedroom in any color palette but at the end of the day it needs to be your vision that I am working from. Let me review the process I would take a client through who was undecided. Evaluate the rest of your home to see where color and neutrals are, deciding if you want your bedroom to flow from those areas. If your home is mainly neutral you may want the bedroom to be more colorful. When designing with color there are two ways I like to approach the design; go for it- using a combination of colors and patterns that you just fall in love with, or monochromatic color-  a room where color is used but one color is predominant, pictured above is this concept with an accent color of coral. In a monochromatic color scheme in color or neutrals, pattern and texture is key.


If you have used color in other areas of your home you may want your bedroom to feel more serene using a neutral palette with a subtle pop of color in pillows or pattern. Many of my clients just adore a neutral palette throughout their home and in this case the master is an extension of what they love. Whether your palette is colorful or neutral Goose Down Duvets by Elysha Charles are just scrumptious. Final tip, try to envision what each atmosphere will feel like when you are in it day to day and trust your instincts.

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  • Connie

    I’ve always thought of a monochromatic room as all white or all light colors, rather boring. Your example of that turquoise room with a pop of coral is fantastic.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Some think its peaceful but I can see why you would feel that way. yes, the color is fun :)