Master Bedroom Trends: Part II


Designing dozens of master bedrooms for my clients, I have to stay ahead of the latest trends and I just love it. This week is my best friend Elaine’s Birthday and she has been wanting to re-do her bedroom for years. I started this series a few weeks ago with Master Bedroom Trends: Part I to help inspire her to get moving. She has fabulous taste like so many of my clients but just needs some motivation. That is where I happily come in.


Shag area rugs- The idea is to bring a touch of glam and warmth to the room. The area rug should go under the bed leaving a generous border showing of the wood floor. I am not a fan of wall to wall shag, if you are doing wall to wall carpet I prefer a patterned loop or plush cut pile. My first choice is always a wood floor with an area rug in the bedroom but many of my clients like wall to wall carpet in the bedroom, it’s a personal preference.

Mirrored furniture- Above a sleek night-stand works perfectly with the shag area rug adding an eclectic dimension to the more traditional bed and window treatments. Left, a mirrored armoire can hide a flat screen or provide storage. I’ve also used writing desks and vanities for just the right among of glam.



Consistent Flooring- Recently my clients have been using wood floors in their master suites running them right through the bathroom. Designer tip- I recommend ordering the floors with a factory finish so they will be more durable than a hand finish. The maintenance will be similar to when they are used in the kitchen and my clients that have made this choice all love it.


Lighting Wow- The trend is a central fixture such as a chandelier, large lantern or circular fixture shown here. The idea is to have a wow fixture combined with task lighting such as recessed lights shown toward the top of the bed. In the recessed fixtures I use Par 20 bulbs because they emulate daylight verses the more common incandescent bulbs that give a yellow hue. The easy way to spot the Par bulbs is that they are not smooth like an incandescent, they have ridges.


Closet Design- This is the first thing I look at when designing a master bedroom. My goal is to house all of the clothes, shoes and accessories in the closet eliminating dressers and heavy pieces of furniture. This allows room for sitting areas and decorative pieces to become the focal point not storage. Here are some of my favorite tips when designing closets and remember whatever you are designing, have fun!


Proper Scale for the Bed- This is your bedroom and it needs to be a comfortable oasis, integral to choosing the right beds for your rooms is size. When I started designing twenty years ago my clients were buying much smaller beds for there master bedrooms (even doubles, how romantic), ten years later the trend was to super size everything in the room including the bed and now my clients are leaning toward what will look best in the room and fit their scale.

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  • Kate

    After viewing these wonderful master bedrooms, I want to re-do mine. We put so much energy in the family room (for the kids) we neglected our master befroom.

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Happens all of the time :) Now its your turn!!