Miniature Golf Anyone?


The beautiful weather we are having is bringing my little man out constantly, he just loves it. This week at his Nana and Pop Pop’s they decided to make a mini-golf course, a simple and inexpensive DIY project for your budding golf champion. Jake enjoyed making the flags just as much as playing with his Pop Pop. Give it a try!

What you will need :

Construction paper in bright colors

Wooden dowels which can be purchased at any craft or hardware store

Glue or Glue Stick – Duct Tape

Recycled cans or plastic containers

A set of plastic golf clubs (you may already have a set, or use Dad’s..just kidding)

PicMonkey Collage

Cut out flags free-hand , you can make your numbers by cutting them from paper, or cut out of magazines (kids love to cut things from magazines) glue them to your flags. Keep it fun, your project doesn’t have to be perfect. Attach the flags to the dowels with duct tape.

Let your little golfer dig a hole (preferably where there is a dead spot of grass) and put in your recycled coffee can or plastic container (be sure to duct tape the edges of any cans, we don’t want to have any cuts; little hands will be reaching in for the golf balls). Place your flags near the hole, and your miniature golf course is ready.

Purchase a set of plastic golf clubs (you probably already have a set, or use Dad’s..just kidding) and you are ready to play.

Tips: We used larger containers, so our little guy wouldn’t get frustrated. Our neighbor, who is an ardent golfer, liked our idea for the kid’s golf course so much that he actually put in his own putting green in his backyard to practice. I love ideas that get the kid’s outside to play!!




  • Brenda Murphy

    What a great post, just a great big reminder what is important in life!

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Aww thanks Brenda, so true this little man helps me realize the important things in life for sure :)

  • Angela

    Very cute idea!!!

    • Cathy Wolfram

      Thanks Angela :) Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather where you live.

  • Connie

    I love this article. We are so busy looking for things to entertain our kids, that we forget we have backyards.